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Travel Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

Hearing Aid Travel Tips to Help Enrich the Total Experience While You Are Away

Travel Tips for Hearing Aid WearersPreparing to travel, whether for pleasure, business, or matters of family, usually requires a fair amount of planning and organization. Documentation, itineraries, travel insurance, currency exchanges, ground transportation, and packing the proper style and quantity of clothing are all part of the process.

Hearing Aid Travel TipsChecking such items off one’s pre-trip to-do list, so to speak, can be sufficiently stressful in its own right; but for travellers who also wear hearing aids, there is an added worry of ensuring that these devices will function as intended and needed throughout each phase of their travel schedule and guarantee that the trip meets or lives up to all expectations.

In fact, keeping their hearing aids at an optimal level, both in terms of performance and condition, can actually enhance the travel experience for the user, allowing them to hear sounds, announcements, conversations, presentations, etc. clearly and comprehensively.  To that end, the hearing aids specialists at the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto offer the following suggestions, or travel tips, for hearing aid users:

Hearing Aid Travel Tips

  • Pack extra batteries, especially if travelling out of the country
  • Bring back-up hearing aids (if available) in case of loss or damage
  • Keep a cleaning kit in a carry-on bag – wax removal brush/pick, etc.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier (for humid locations and sports-related trips)
  • For behind-the-ear models, consider a protective sweatband or sleeve
  • If travel is by air, make sure the carrier permits in-flight hearing aid use
  • Notify airport security of hearing aids before going through a body scanner
  • Consider purchasing insurance coverage as an added measure of protection
  • Identify a local hearing centre in case of emergency while away from Toronto
  • Choose hotels/restaurants that provide amenities for hearing impaired guests
  • Have hearing aid fit/condition checked at a clinic in Toronto prior to departure

Travel or vacation plans should not have to be hindered or limited because the individual requires the use of hearing aids; investing the extra time to implement the above travel tips can alleviate any such concerns and help to enrich the overall experience while they are away, regardless of the mode of travel and the extent of the trip.

Reasons to Visit a Hearing Centre before Leaving Toronto on a Trip or Vacation

Hearing aid wearers who may have questions or concerns about these devices in relation to travel or extended time away from home will find benefit in consulting with a hearing specialist from the Bravo Hearing Centre, one of the leading hearing clinics in Toronto for more than 30 years.

In a similar fashion to booking an appointment for a check-up with one’s family physician before leaving on a trip or vacation, visiting a hearing centre, such as the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto, can help make sure that all is in order with their hearing aids prior to their departure date.

During this pre-trip visit, hearing aid users and their travel partners/family members can discuss and/or attend to such matters as:

  • Additional batteries
  • Tips on travel kit contents
  • Condition of their hearing aids
  • Correct fit of their hearing aids
  • Any special accessory requirements
  • The need for travel insurance coverage
  • Contingency plans for unexpected events

For additional information on the hearing services offered by the hearing aids specialists at the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto, including travel-related accessories.

If you or any family members wear hearing aids and are planning an upcoming trip or vacation, a visit to a hearing clinic would be highly advisable to ensure that the hearing aids are in optimal working condition and to discuss any questions or concerns related to travelling with these devices.  Call the hearing aid specialists at one of Toronto’s leading clinics, Bravo Hearing Centre, at 416-207-9711 or contact us to book an appointment today.

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