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Bernafon Hearing Aids

Bernafon is a Swiss-based firm that places a strong emphasis on developing and providing hearing aids to help individuals with hearing impairment achieve the best possible listening experiences.  Established in 1946, Bernafon currently has employees and representatives in more than 70 countries around the world.

Bernafon Hearing Aid Models

Bernafon Juna 9 Hearing Aid


Juna 7Juna 9
Performance LevelAdvancedPremium
Speech Focus*********
Noise Control*********
Wireless ConnectivityYesYes
Remote ControlYesYes

The Bernafon hearing aids are designed to provide hearing solutions in a variety of listening environments, based on the individual needs and personal preferences of the wearer.  Their products/models are grouped into five categories, numbered 1-3-5-7-9, with each category   delivering different levels of the following benefits depending on specific user requirements:

  • Ability to perceive sounds naturally
  • Comfortable to use in a range of noisy environments
  • Understanding speech in challenging hearing situations
  • Ease-of-use and handling in changing listening environments
  • Capacity to configure the hearing aids to meet user needs/preferences
  • Capability to wirelessly connect to mobile phones/other electronic devices
Bernafon NEVARA


Nevara 1
Performance LevelBasic
Speech Focus*
Noise Control*
Wireless ConnectivityNo
Remote ControlYes

This range of benefits/solutions is available in the Bernafon hearing aid models dispensed by the specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto.  The specific Bernafon models include:

  • Juna 9 – premium hearing technology in the most challenging listening situations
  • Juna 7 – amplifies sounds naturally; excellent sound quality in noisy environments
  • Nevara – for those seeking better hearing/quality technology at an affordable price
  • Saphira 5 – enhances speech understanding; makes conversations more comfortable
  • Saphira 3 – offers the best mix of improved hearing, wireless connectivity, dollar value
  • Supremia 7|3 – a powerful hearing aid for adults and children with severe hearing loss
Bernafon SAPHIRA


Saphira 3Saphira 7
Performance LevelBasicAdvanced
Speech Focus****
Noise Control****
Wireless ConnectivityYesYes
Remote ControlYesYes

Bernafon fully recognizes the importance of hearing and understanding in the daily lives of people with hearing impairment and in society as a whole; consequently, their primary goal is to help make all listening experiences as authentic as possible, through a combination of:

  • Swiss engineering
  • Precision technology
  • Commitment to service


Supremia 3Supremia 7
Performance LevelBasicAdvanced
Speech Focus****
Noise Control****
Wireless ConnectivityYesYes
Remote ControlYesYes

To learn more about the benefits of Bernafon hearing aids in various listening environments, call the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto today at 416-207-9711 to speak with a hearing instrument specialist.


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