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Unitron Hearing Aids

Unitron is recognized as a worldwide leader in delivering innovative and advanced solutions for people with hearing impairment. Established in Canada in 1964 and based in Kitchener, Ontario, Unitron maintains 20 international offices, thus providing complete sales, service, and production capabilities in those local markets; this company also distributes its hearing aids in an additional 45 countries through the support of numerous international partners.

Unitron Hearing Aids


Performance LevelStandardAdvancedPremium
Speech Focus************
Noise Control************
Processing channels162020
Rechargable optionYesYesYes
Wireless ConnectivityYesYesYes

Advantages of Unitron Hearing Aids

A driving force behind Unitron’s growth and success is its continued emphasis on developing hearing solutions that offer the latest technological advances, in turn providing wearers with several fundamental yet extremely important benefits such as:

  • Greater comfort
  • Natural sound quality
  • Better speech understanding in noise

Some of the technological innovations developed by the Unitron research teams include:

  • SoundNav – automatic identification/classification of seven different environments
  • Sound Conducting – aligns hearing aid features to these SoundNav environments
  • SpeechZone2 – 360o speech detection, to hear people speaking from any direction
  • SmartFocus2 – helps to optimize speech clarity in response to changing situations
  • Frequency Compression – concentrates sound within the patient’s hearing range

These technological advancements, and others, are incorporated within the range of hearing aid models manufactured by Unitron. The company specializes in the behind-the-ear (BTE), in-the-ear (ITE), and receiver-in-canal (RIC) types of hearing aids, including the following that are available from professionals like the specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto:

Unitron Hearing Aid Models

  • Stride (ITE) – push-button controls; microphone ports that block out moisture/debris
  • Stride (BTE) – natural sound quality for all conversations; wireless battery options
  • Stride M – discreet in size; provides powerful performance and intuitive functionality
  • Stride P – houses a more powerful battery; for people with more severe hearing loss
  • Stride P Dura – offers moisture resistance and durability, without compromising style
  • Max (BTE) – a super-power device; fights over-amplification to protect hearing health
  • Moxi (RIC) – available in different designs to accommodate individual patient needs
  • Moxi Fit – has a telecoil; allows wearers to hear phone conversations more clearly
  • Moxi Kiss – fully automatic; minimizes sudden noises, eliminates feedback/whistling
  • Moxi Dura – reliable and durable with a long-lasting battery for more active lifestyles

In addition to its emphasis on innovative technologies, Unitron uses a patient-first approach in all its hearing aid designs and styles. As a result of this commitment, Unitron’s designers have won three consecutive international Red Dot Design Awards for the following models:

  • 2014 – Moxi Kiss
  • 2015 – Moxi Fit
  • 2016 – Stride P

For additional information on the technological innovations, performance levels, and patient benefits of the Unitron line of hearing aids, call the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto today at 416-207-9711 to speak with a hearing aid specialist.


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