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Today's hearing instruments are...small and aesthetically appealing

Signia Hearing Aids – High-Tech Solutions for Optimal Hearing

It is almost impossible to talk about hearing aids without mentioning Signia. Since its establishment in the 1950s, this company has been on the front line of employing hearing aid technologies to develop advanced hearing aids. 

This evolution continues with the amalgamation of Siemens technology and a new premium brand of hearing aids, Signia.


Styletto AXPureSilk X
Technology levels355
StyleRICRICCIC with Click Sleeves
Rechargeable OptionYesYesNo
Wireless connectivityYesYesNo
Health Data TrackerNoNoNo
Optional AccessoriesYesYesNo
Remote AppYesYesNo
Manufacture Warranty2 years2 years2 years
Learn MoreLearn MoreLearn More
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The Advanced Customization of Signia Hearing Aids

Technological advancements have played essential roles in developing hearing aids in terms of their size, where they will be worn in the ear canal, and their use and performance based on the specific degree of hearing loss.

In turn, hearing instrument specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto can precisely target their recommendations of the Signia hearing aids model as follows:

  • BTE (behind the ear): for those with more severe hearing loss and smaller ear canals
  • ITE (in the ear): custom-manufactured hearing aids to fit the specific shape of one’s ear
  • ITC (in the canal): custom-made, mainly for cases of mild to mildly severe hearing loss
  • CIC (completely in the canal): very small devices that fit the deepest into the ear canal
  • RIC (receiver in the canal): tiny housings behind the ears; receivers that sit in the canal

Latest Signia Hearing Aid Models in Canada

The latest Signia hearing aid models that you can find at Bravo Hearing Centre include:

Pure Charge&Go AX: This model is ideal for first-time hearing aid users. It is fully featured and has a sleek aesthetic.

Silk Charge&Go IX: This model sits behind the ear. Its features include rechargeability, Signia assistant, Bluetooth, and a sleek design.

Styletto AX: This hearing aid is the smallest, made as a RIC (Receiver in the Ear). It provides speech clarity in a noisy environment as it splits the sounds received and processes them separately.

Insio Charge&Go AX: These rechargeable hearing aid models offer outstanding speech clarity even in a noisy environment. They also have a motion sensor that detects whether the wearer is moving or stationary.

Motion Charge&Go X: This is a behind-the-ear model that combines rechargeability, sleek design, and Bluetooth. It is easy and comfortable to use and wear.

Connect to the World with Signia Hearing Aids

With Siemens hearing aids in Toronto, you stay connected to not only the natural world but also the technological world. Through Signia hearing aids, you can connect to the world through:

  • Signia assistant
  • My Wellbeing
  • Streamline app
  • Streamline TV
  • Signia App

Why Bravo Trusts Signia Hearing Aids

After researching various hearing aid brands, Signia models stand out due to their advanced hearing technology. Signia hearing aids help their wearers hear better, even in group conversations. They also have a variety of colours and models. Additionally, with Signia hearing aids, you will rarely need repairs or not even need them at all.

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