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Wearing Hearing Aids Through Airport Security and While in Flight

Important Facts You Should Know About Wearing Hearing Aids While Flying

Important Facts You Should Know About Wearing Hearing Aids While Flying

With the increase in airport security measures that have been introduced in recent years, air travellers are being asked to endure longer pre-boarding times that include additional screening checkpoints and more identity verification steps than ever before.  While these extra precautions are necessary, and welcomed by the vast majority of the flying public, they can seem like an imposition to those who are anxious to board the plane and travel to their intended destination.

Moving through all of the airport security procedures and the flight check-in process can be stressful enough; but for air travellers who wear hearing aids, there may be an added concern of what to do with these devices while at the airport as well as while flying; will there be any issues or regulations related to hearing aids and airport security technology or in-flight instrumentation?

Air travelers with hearing impairment cannot be compelled by airport security or in-flight personnel to remove their hearing aids; in fact, it is strongly recommended that these hearing aids are worn at all times while in the airport and while flying, to ensure that any important announcements and pre-flight safety briefings can be heard and understood.  It is also suggested that security staff and flight attendants be advised by the traveler if the latter wears hearing aids to avoid any misunderstanding, especially in an emergency. 

Furthermore, hearing aids specialists, such as the team at the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto, offer a number of suggestions to help travelers who wear hearing aids, and any companions or family members, as they pass through airport security and while in flight; these tips include:

Hearing Aids and Airport Security

  • Pack extra batteries, in unopened packages if possible, in a carry-on
  • Pack back-up hearing aids in that carry-on, and expect an inspection
  • No need to remove hearing aids; not affected by scanners, detectors
  • A walk-through detector or imaging screen could identify an anomaly
    • Could result in additional screening of the person/their belongings

Wearing Hearing Aids While Flying

  • Hearing aids do not have to be turned off during take-offs and landings
  • If hearing aids have Bluetooth capability, this may need to be turned off
  • Frequency Modulation (FM) assistive listening devices must be turned off
  • Utilize the pre-set noise reduction program to help reduce in-flight noises

Traveling by air, including the stage of passing through airport security, should not be a source of worry or concern for individuals who wear hearing aids, and it certainly should not deter those with hearing impairment from visiting and enjoying vacation destinations around the world.  Taking the appropriate steps in preparation for air travel, specifically as they pertain to hearing aids and airport security, as well as while flying, can make the experience proceed more seamlessly – and focus the traveler’s attention and anticipation on the fun that awaits when they arrive at their destination.

Visit a Hearing Centre before Traveling by Air from Toronto

Wearing Hearing Aids Through Airport Security and While in Flight

Individuals who may have questions or concerns about air travel relative to wearing their hearing aids would be well-advised to consult with a hearing aids specialist; this can be accomplished with a visit to the Bravo Hearing Centre, where a team of professionals has been serving and supporting the residents of Toronto and the surrounding area for more than three decades.  

By visiting a hearing centre like the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto, air travelers can be confident that they are fully prepared for wearing their hearing aids and passing through airport security, as well as while flying, well before they leave home for Pearson Airport. These consultations can cover such matters as:

  • A sufficient supply of batteries
  • Any special accessory requirements
  • Packing accessories in carry-on luggage
  • Condition and proper fit of the hearing aids
  • Travel insurance coverage specific to hearing aids
  • What to do in cases of emergency/unplanned events

For additional information on the hearing-related services available from the hearing aids specialists at the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto.

If you wear hearing aids and are planning to travel by air to a vacation destination, it will be beneficial to visit a hearing clinic and consult with a specialist as part of your pre-trip preparations.  Call the hearing specialists from one of the leading hearing clinics in Toronto, Bravo Hearing Centre, at 416-207-9711 or contact us to book an appointment today.

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