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Experience the Excellence of ReSound Hearing Aids

Resound Hearing AidsWith headquarters in Denmark, ReSound is part of the GN ReSound Group, an international leader in the development and manufacturing of progressive and state-of-the-art hearing solutions. The company has representation in over 80 countries and offers a comprehensive range of hearing aids and accessories using the brand names of ReSound, Beltone, and Interton.

The ReSound Corporation was founded in 1984 and subsequently formed a strategic alliance with GN Danavox in 1996, which resulted in the development of the first software-based hearing aids in the world. Within three years, GN Danavox purchased all outstanding shares of ReSound to create the GN ReSound Group; this company then acquired Beltone in 2000 and Interton in 2003.

Types of ReSound Hearing Aids: Easy-to-Fit Designs

  • BTE (Behind-The-Ear) Hearing Aids: Robust and versatile, ideal for a wide range of hearing losses.
  • RIC (Receiver-In-Canal) Hearing Aids: Sleek and discreet, providing exceptional sound quality.
  • ITE (In-The-Ear) Hearing Aids: Custom-fit for comfort, these devices are housed entirely in the ear.
  • ITC (In-The-Canal) Hearing Aids: Small yet powerful, offering clarity and convenience.
  • CIC (Completely-In-Canal) Hearing Aids: Virtually invisible, these are perfect for those seeking subtlety.
  • IIC (Invisible-In-Canal) Hearing Aids: The ultimate in discretion, these are almost undetectable when worn.
LiNX Quattro

get-a-quoteLiNX Quattro

Quattro 7Quattro 9
Performance LevelAdvancedPremium
Speech Focus*********
Noise Control*********
Processing channels1417
Wireless ConnectivityYesYes
Made for iPhoneYesYes
Control AppYesYes
Rechargable optionYesYes


get-a-quoteLiNX 3D

Performance LevelStandardAdvancedPremium
Speech Focus************
Noise Control************
Processing channels121417
Wireless ConnectivityYesYesYes
Made for iPhoneYesYesYes
Control AppYesYesYes
Rechargable optionYesYesYes

ReSound Hearing Aids – Evolutions in Hearing Solutions

Throughout the course of its growth, ReSound has continued to develop innovative products and solutions for those with hearing impairment. This evolution is reflected in the range of hearing aids they offer, each designed to provide optimal hearing assistance while maintaining aesthetic appeal and comfort. Some of the pioneering advancements by ReSound have included:

  • 2003 – introduction of Resound Air – top sound quality without blocking the ear canal
  • 2008 – launched by ReSound, the first hearing aid in the remote microphone category
  • 2009 – sound directionality is redefined as Surround Sound by ReSound is introduced
  • 2011 – released Digital Feedback Suppression Ultra to basically negate sound distortion

These groundbreaking technological advances and more can be found in the various models of ReSound hearing aids currently available through hearing professionals such as the team from Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto:

  • 2010: Alera – first hearing aid to enable/support wireless direct streaming of sound
  • 2012: Verso – first to offer direct streaming of sound plus ear-to-ear communication
  • 2015: LiNX2 –world’s first made-for-iPhone hearing aid
  • 2015Enya – good sound quality; discreet and durable for those with active lifestyles
  • 2016: ENZO2 – smart hearing in the smallest and most powerful hearing aid available

ReSound is among the world leaders in the manufacture of hearing aids that are:

  • Discreet in size
  • Comfortable in fit
  • Attractive in design
  • Powerful in performance

Custom Hearing Aid Solutions

At Bravo Hearing Centre, we understand that each individual’s hearing needs are unique. That’s why we offer custom solutions with ReSound hearing aids, ensuring that each device is tailored to the specific requirements and preferences of our clients. Our experts are adept at configuring ReSound hearing aids to deliver personalized hearing experiences.

The Latest Hearing Aids from ReSound

ReSound Omnia

  • Enhanced Sound Clarity: The ReSound Omnia™ offers exceptional sound clarity with its advanced sound processing technology. This technology is designed to adapt to a variety of environments, providing a customized and clear listening experience.
  • Adaptive Sound Processing: The Omnia’s innovative sound processing technology intelligently adapts to the user’s surroundings and listening preferences, ensuring a seamless hearing experience in diverse situations.
  • Comfortable and Stylish Design: The ReSound Omnia™ features ergonomically designed ear tips and a sleek, modern aesthetic. This ensures not only a comfortable fit but also a visually appealing design that complements various lifestyles.
  • User-Friendly Control: The Omnia is equipped with intuitive smartphone app integration, making it easy for users to manage their hearing aid settings. This offers a hassle-free way to adjust and personalize the hearing experience according to individual needs.
  • Robust Build for Everyday Use: Constructed with high-quality materials, the ReSound Omnia™ is built to last. Its durable design can withstand daily use, ensuring reliability and long-term performance.

Available ReSound Omnia™ Models

The Omnia series includes a range of models to suit diverse user requirements, including Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) and Behind-The-Ear (BTE) styles, each tailored to meet different hearing needs and preferences.

ReSound Nexia

  • Superior Sound Quality: The ReSound Nexia™ is engineered with advanced sound processing technology, delivering a rich and nuanced listening experience that automatically adjusts to different acoustic environments.
  • Intelligent Environmental Adaptation: Nexia’s cutting-edge technology actively learns and adapts to the user’s environmental conditions and listening habits, tailoring the hearing experience to suit personal preferences and diverse situations.
  • Ergonomic Design and Comfort: The Nexia series offers ergonomically designed ear tips and a user-centric design, ensuring a comfortable fit for extended wear. The sleek and modern design of Nexia models also enhances aesthetic appeal.
  • Ease of Use and Connectivity: Equipped with intuitive smartphone integration, ReSound Nexia™ allows users to effortlessly control their hearing aids. This connectivity offers a seamless and user-friendly interface for customizing hearing settings.
  • Durability and Reliability: Built with durability in mind, the ReSound Nexia™ hearing aids are crafted from high-quality materials, making them resilient and reliable for everyday use.

Available ReSound Nexia™ Models:

The Nexia range features a variety of models, including Receiver-In-Canal (RIC) and Behind-The-Ear (BTE) styles, designed to cater to a wide range of hearing needs and individual preferences.

Custom Hearing Aid Solutions by ReSound

Custom Hearing Aid Solutions by ReSoundTo discover your ideal ReSound hearing aids, schedule an appointment with our experts at Bravo Hearing Centre. We offer comprehensive consultations, fitting services, and aftercare, ensuring that your journey to improved hearing is smooth and fulfilling.

To learn more about the technological features and benefits of the ReSound line of Hearing Aids, call the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto today at 416-207-9711 or visit our contact page to speak with one of our Hearing Instrument Specialists.

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