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Mission Statement

At Bravo Hearing Centre, we enjoy being able to do so much more than just provide hearing tests and dispense the latest hearing aid models. Every member of our team is here to help care for your hearing needs so that you can live a better, happier, and more fulfilling life. From the moment you walk through our door, you’ll experience the Bravo difference.


Michael Michalski, BA. HID, HIS
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Bravo Hearing Centre

“One of the most important aspects of the care we provide at Bravo is getting to know each of our patients and understand their individual needs. As soon as you walk into our office, our goal is to support you and help make your life better.”


Sandra Sergiel HID, HIS,
Hearing Instrument Specialist
Bravo Hearing Centre

“As a hearing healthcare professional, I feel the greatest way to contribute to the community is to help those in it hear and interact more effectively. Being able to offer each of our patients one-on-one, personalized care means that they will have excellent results with their hearing aids and be completely satisfied with their appointments. That experience is the foundation of what we do at Bravo.”

The Bravo! Hearing Difference

Innovative hearing technology is often not all that is required to meet the diverse needs of our patients. It is the human touch and attention to individual differences that guarantees patient satisfaction. We provide a boutique service, catering to one person at a time so they always receive our full attention. We take care of everything you need so there is never a worry about anything. We take great care to provide a relaxing and comfortable environment to enjoy, and make sure each client has a fantastic experience at our clinic. At Bravo Hearing Centre, let us help you experience the magic of hearing restoration. We’re here for you through every step of your journey toward better hearing.

Client Testimonial

“My doctor recommended that I go to Bravo Hearing. He was right. Five months later I am comfortably wearing the Phonak Audeo B90-10 aids which I chose because they are the smallest over-the-ear model. I did visit another local centre but there I felt that clients were being hustled in and out. The contrary is true with Michael Michalski, Hearing Aid Specialist and Kate Nizyska, his administrative assistant, who have gone out of their way to be pleasant, taking time to inform me about how Phonak monitors a client’s progress during the first months, gradually building up to restoring hearing to 100%. Now I am confident that I can look after my hearing aids. I am booked for a check-up in six months. What is more, I am deeply satisfied that I can now hear every word in a group discussion and happily I can clearly hear the speech of young children.”

– Jean Zajac

Associations and Organizations

Registered members of
The Association of Hearing Instrument Practitioners
of Ontario
Registered members of The Ministry of Health and Long
Term Care – Assistive Devices Program.
Registered members of The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario (Formerly WCB).
Registered members of
Veteran’s Affairs Canada (Formerly DVA).

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