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Hearing Conservation Tips

  • Protect your ears from excessively loud sounds
  • Walk away from loud noises
  • Turn down the volume

We’ve all turned up the volume on our favourite songs or got closer to our favourite bands to hear them better. Music needs to be of a certain loudness for us to hear all that is going on. Sometimes we turn it up too high and, over time, increased volumes can reduce our ability to appreciate the music and audio we love.

Fortunately, listening devices exist that let get the full appreciation of the sounds we like without damaging our hearing. The sooner we start to safeguard our hearing, the longer we will be able to enjoy the audio, music and conversation we love.

How You Can Listen Responsibly

You can reduce the risk of hearing loss in a number of ways while still getting full enjoyment from your listening activities.

  • Set the volume levels of your headphones and earphones in a quiet environment. If you can’t hear normal conversations while wearing headphones or earphones, you should reduce the audio level. Don’t raise the levels to block out unwanted sounds.
  • When putting on your earbuds or headphones, reduce the volume, then increase the volume slowly to moderate levels for normal listening.
  • Don’t use your listening devices when you need to devote full attention to what you’re doing, like driving a car, riding your bike or operating machinery.
  • Be aware of how long you listen to audio at high volume. It’s important to remember that your ears adapt to higher volumes over time. That means that you could be listing to audio at levels that are damaging your hearing, but they levels will not feel like they are damaging.
  • The higher the volume, the faster your hearing will be affected. Ringing in your ears or hearing normal speech as muffled means you need to get your hearing checked as soon as possible.
  • Remove your headphones or earbuds during rapid changes in elevation, like when taking off or landing in an airplane.
  • On an airplane, it’s good to remove earbuds or headphones occasionally to relieve any pressure that may build up over time.
  • Shop for quieter household appliances and equipment, like noise-limiting hairdryers.
  • Keep listening devices away from young children.
  • After the age of 30, you should get your hearing checked once every year or two.
  • Wear hearing protection while operating noisy equipment.

In general, if you are standing three feet away from someone and cannot hear what they are saying, the noise level could be damaging your hearing.

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