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Hearing Instrument Specialists Play a Central Role in Optimal Hearing Aid Use

Various Hearing Aid Cleaning SuppliesThe purchase of hearing aids represents a significant investment, not just in a monetary sense, but more importantly from a long-term perspective in providing a better quality of life. It is therefore rather surprising that, after the amount of time and effort devoted to making that initial financial investment, hearing aid wearers may become complacent in maximizing the return from their hearing aids over time.

Said another way, as time passes, hearing aid wearers may not be as diligent about the use and care of these devices as they should, hence limiting the value and/or longevity of their financial investment. Thus, due to this lack of attentiveness, these individuals could be depriving themselves of the very benefits that they sought by purchasing the hearing aids in the first place.

Therefore, in an effort to avoid such a circumstance, a reminder may be warranted with respect to the optimal use and care of hearing aids. The following is a summary of some fundamental yet critically important guidelines for individuals who currently wear hearing aids, as recommended/supported by their respective Hearing Instrument Specialists:

Hand Cleaning Hearing Aid

  • Use and Care of Hearing Aids – What to Do

    • Wear them every day
    • Wear them all day long
    • Clean them every day
    • Remove them when going to bed
    • Open battery door when not in use
    • Change wax guards, mic guards
    • Use dehumidifying box for storage
  • Use and Care of Hearing Aids – What to Avoid
    • Exposure to extreme heat (Hair Dryer)
    • Exposure to high humidity/moisture
    • Exposure to chemicals (Hairspray)
    • Leaving them within reach of children or pets
    • Wearing them in the shower, swimming pool, etc.
    • Leaving them out of their case/kit when not in use
    • Storing batteries anywhere but in a cool, dry place
    • Dropping your Hearing Aid on a hard surface

In addition to the above, the role of Hearing Instrument Specialists, such as the professionals at Bravo Hearing Centre in Etobicoke, should not be overlooked within overall hearing aid use and care. Regular visits to the Bravo clinic will allow their Hearing Instrument Specialists to:

  • Assess any changes in hearing levels
  • Check the performance of the hearing aids
  • Make any necessary adjustments based on the above
  • Offer guidance/advice on optimal use/care of hearing aids

Through good usage and care practices, together with regular visits to the Bravo Hearing Centre, hearing aid wearers can maximize the return on their financial investment and enjoy an improved and enduring quality of life.

Comprehensive Care of Hearing Needs for Patients in Etobicoke and Toronto

Hearing Aid Specialist Fitting Hearing Aid On ChildThe Hearing Instrument Specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre are fully knowledgeable in the types and causes of hearing loss, as well as the latest technology and products available for its treatment. Furthermore, the Bravo specialists extend patient care well beyond hearing tests and dispensing hearing aids by providing advice/counselling and regular follow-up to help their patients lead happier and healthier lives.

Bravo Hearing Centre also provides support for hearing impaired patients in Etobicoke and its surrounding areas within Toronto by carrying a comprehensive line of hearing aid accessories, including:

  • Batteries
  • Sanitizer Sprays
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Wax Guards
  • Mic Guards

Please visit our Products Page for additional information on the full line of hearing aids and related accessories available from the Hearing Instrument Specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Etobicoke/Toronto.

For complete care of your hearing needs, including advice on the optimal use and care of hearing aids, call the Hearing Instrument Specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre at 416-207-9711 to schedule an appointment today.

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