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How to Prepare for an Appointment with A Hearing Instrument Specialist

How to Prepare for an Appointment with A Hearing Instrument SpecialistAppointment with A Hearing Instrument Specialist Toronto

If you believe you or a loved one are beginning to develop hearing loss, the first step towards better hearing is to schedule a consultation with a hearing specialist.

It is important to book this appointment as soon as possible so they can begin treatment and prevent your hearing from deteriorating further. It also means you will experience normal hearing sooner through the use of hearing aids if necessary.

Once you’ve booked the consultation, you should take a few steps to help prepare. In addition to making sure you have all you need, doing this will give you more confidence about the meeting, particularly if it will be your first hearing appointment.

Keep reading to learn more about preparing for a consultation at a hearing clinic, or how you can help ensure a loved one is prepared.

Preparing Before an Appointment

Collect Medical History

Hearing specialists need to be aware of your medical history and lifestyle in order to better understand what, if any, hearing issues you may have and how to address them. If you have been on medication, don’t forget to carry a list of what you are prescribed, as some are known to cause hearing loss.

Additionally, some illnesses such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, dementia, and others are linked to hearing loss. Knowing if you have a history of these conditions may help diagnose the root of your problem.

Consider Your Lifestyle & Preferences

An appointment at a hearing clinic is more than just a test and a custom fitting for hearing aids. It involves a discussion about your lifestyle and what you hope to achieve from treatment. It is best to take some time to reflect on your current lifestyle and your aspirations for the future, so you have an idea of which style of device and accessories are best for you.

Modern hearing aids feature Bluetooth connectivity and feedback cancellation for you to enjoy your favourite shows without bothering others. If you lead an active lifestyle, smaller hearing aids such as ITC, IIC, or CIC are recommended options.

Clean Your Ears

Cleaning ears will help your specialist achieve more accurate hearing test results. Using a towel and some warm water should be sufficient. Avoid using cotton swabs or other things you have to put inside your ear and be sure to dry your ears as well. There are many over-the-counter wax-removal drops that you can use to safely clean your ears regularly or as needed.

Know Your Hearing Needs

Prior to your appointment, think of the reasons that have led you to believe you need a hearing test. The specialist will be able to help you more effectively if you can be as detailed as possible.

Some of the reasons may include hearing muffled speech and other sounds, having difficulty hearing other people or trouble following a conversation, asking people to repeat themselves often, needing to increase the volume, and more.

Research Hearing Aids

Hearing instruments specialists can help you select the perfect hearing devices for your needs. There are different types of hearing aids, including completely-in-canal, behind the ear, in-the-canal, in-the-ear, and more.

If you do some homework on hearing devices before your visit, you can learn more about which may suit you best. Try to learn more about particular features or types and which work best for different people. You can also check out brand reviews online.

Note Down Questions

You’ll probably have inquiries concerning hearing loss, costs, potential financing, and what a professional may do for you.

Before you go to your appointment, give these questions some serious thought and write them down. This way, you will not forget anything you may be wondering about during the appointment.

Bring Someone to Ease Your Nerves

There’s absolutely nothing to be concerned about during your appointment, but it’s natural to be nervous. Bringing a friend or family member can help you relax. They can also help you to remember any important details the specialist tells you.

Book An Appointment with a Hearing Specialist at Bravo

If you’re considering a hearing test for yourself or a loved one, or would like more information on the various hearing aid models, get in touch with Bravo today. Our hearing specialists will listen to your concerns and help you schedule your first visit.

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