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How to Adjust to Wearing a Hearing Aid

How to Adjust to Wearing a Hearing Aid Wearing a Hearing Aid

It may be surprising, but it takes some time to get accustomed to new hearing devices, especially if you have never used them before. Besides learning how to use hearing devices, your brain will grapple with new sounds and stimuli that it hasn’t processed for quite a while. During this period, you should partner closely with your hearing aid professional to make it easy to adjust and learn how to use a hearing aid. Below are some tips to help you adjust quickly and easily when using a hearing aid.

1. Be Proactive About Conversations

Your environment and the people you speak with will initially sound different. This might be the reason why most people find it challenging to join normal discussions and converse with others. However, you shouldn’t pretend that everything is normal, and instead, explain to others that you are still at the initial phases of adjusting to your new hearing device. Ask them to be patient and help you as you get used to them. Similarly, it helps to face the person and encourage them to speak clearly to help make the transition easier.

2. Practice Wearing a Hearing Device

Begin by wearing your hearing devices in comfortable situations for a few hours daily. As you begin wearing your devices, different sounds are introduced and restored to the brain. However, this requires constant practice and re-education to enable the brain to focus and filter multiple sounds at a time. Some sounds may be startling at first, but the brain acclimates to the sounds over time with continued practice.

3. Give it Time

Without a doubt, you will find it strange when you begin to hear sounds that you couldn’t before. Some sounds might be loud while others come in different patterns. This brings along some level of discomfort, which should not discourage or stop you from using these hearing aid accessories. Stay patient and optimistic that you will adjust to the new experience soon.

4. Learn the Basics

Hearing aid professionals often give directions on how to use your hearing devices, when and how to put them or take them out, and how to clean them and change batteries. These are just the basics of effectively using your hearing aids. While at home, try as much as possible to follow the instructions, especially when using digital hearing aids. Don’t hesitate to contact professionals for help if you aren’t sure what to do.

5. Acceptance and Positive Attitude

The first step towards adapting to using hearing devices begins even before visiting a hearing aid professional. Accepting that you have hearing loss provides the necessary courage to start your journey. With acceptance, you will develop a positive attitude that will help you hear better by using the devices.

6. Schedule a Follow-Up Visit with Your Hearing Aid Specialist

Hearing aid professionals often give follow-up appointments to their patients for check-ups and fine-tuning several weeks after they are given their devices. However, if you are having trouble coping and using your new hearing aid devices, especially things like the volume of sound, you should schedule a visit for adjustments. Also, schedule an immediate visit for a device that causes a lot of physical discomfort. It becomes challenging to adjust to something you can’t tolerate wearing.

Book an Appointment with Bravo Hearing

Hearing aids make a world of difference when you can’t hear well on your own. However, it might take some time to adjust to your new hearing devices. Working with a hearing aid professional is essential during this period. If you are just getting started with this journey, contact Bravo Hearing and book an appointment any time you need professional help.

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