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Advice for Playing Sports While Wearing Hearing Aids

Wearing Your Hearing Aids While Participating in Physical Exercise and Sports

Advice for Playing Sports While Wearing Hearing Aids

Most people would agree that maintaining a healthier lifestyle is important in ensuring a better quality of life; part of this health-first attitude often includes some type of physical exercise.  For some, this can mean engaging in organized team sports, while others may prefer activities at a singular or small-group level such as jogging, bike riding, or golfing.

Yet for individuals who wear hearing aids, there may be some hesitation to take part in fitness programs and/or various sports due to concerns about potential damage to these rather important devices.  Let’s face it; they need their hearing aids for all facets of their lives, and they likely want to safeguard their financial investment as well.

Regardless of the preferred activity, or the age of the person for that matter, they should be able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about their hearing aids.  And now, for the most part, they can; provided that they take a few precautionary steps with their hearing aids before, during, and after their exercise routines or games.

To assist in managing these types of situations, the hearing loss specialists at the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto offer the following advice and tips for hearing aid wearers who want to exercise or take part in sports:

Caring for Hearing Aids When Exercising and Playing Sports

  • After a day of activity/sports, place hearing aids in a dehumidifier box overnight
  • Upon removal from the dehumidifier, brush hearing aids to clean excess wax/dirt
  • Wear a regular headband to prevent excess sweat from saturating the hearing aids
  • For behind-the-ear hearing aids, cover them with a sweat-resistant pouch or sleeve
  • At times during an activity, use a portable puffer to blow air through molding/tubing
  • Wear properly-sized headgear (helmets, toques, caps) to accommodate hearing aids
  • For contact sports, use a specially-designed clip that secures hearing aids to clothing
  • Apply an antimicrobial agent every few days to ward off bacteria, microbes, infection
  • Keep extra tubing on hand at all times in the event of damage or dirt/sweat blockage
  • Identify a local hearing centre in case of emergency when playing away from Toronto
  • Select the proper type of hearing aids and ensure the right fit for the activities/sports

Hearing impairment does not have to be a limiting factor to pursuing an active lifestyle; by maintaining and managing their hearing aids effectively, people with hearing loss can take part in and enjoy any number of sports and other types of physical activities.

Ask a Professional about Managing Hearing Loss in Relation to Playing Sports

Ask a Professional about Managing Hearing Loss in Relation to Playing Sports

Individuals with hearing loss who may have questions or concerns about wearing hearing aids while participating in various exercise regimens, physical activities, and/or contact sports would find it beneficial to consult with a hearing specialist from the Bravo Hearing Centre, one of the leading clinics in the Greater Toronto Area for more than 30 years. 

In the same way that having the proper clothing/equipment and stretching the muscles before a recreational or sporting activity can enhance the experience, a visit to a hearing centre such as the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto can help to better prepare those who need or want to wear their hearing aids under these types of circumstances.  During this visit and consultation, hearing aid users can discuss and/or address matters relative to:

  • Having extra batteries on hand
  • Other contents of the sports bag
  • The condition of their hearing aids
  • The correct fit of their hearing aids
  • Accessories specifically for use in sports
  • Back-up plans for any unforeseen situations

For additional information on the hearing services offered by the hearing aids specialists from the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto.

If you have concerns about wearing your hearing aids while participating in various types of physical activities or contact sports, it would be a worthwhile investment of your time to visit a hearing clinic and ensure that your hearing aids are in prime working condition and that you can maximize your enjoyment of such pursuits while using these devices. 

Call the hearing aid specialists from the Bravo Hearing Centre, one of the leading clinics in Toronto for over 30 years, at 416-207-9711 or contact us to book an appointment today.

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