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Six Signs You Should Book A Hearing Test

Six Signs You Should Book A Hearing TestSix Signs You Should Book A Hearing Test

Being able to hear well is an essential aspect of our everyday lives. This is why it is often quite scary and daunting when you begin to experience signs of hearing loss. There are different types of hearing loss, and it is important to see a specialist at the first indication of a problem, as some kinds can be reversed. If you experience any of these symptoms of hearing loss, book an appointment for a hearing test as soon as possible.

Turning Up the Volume

If this is occasional, it may be as a result of the channel’s volume output. However, if you do this often or find others telling you that you have the volume up to high, it’s worth looking into and seeing a specialist.

Difficulty Understanding Conversations

While it’s normal to need someone to repeat themselves every so often, if you do it frequently or with different people, it can indicate potential hearing loss. Additionally, struggling to hear speaking over background noise or having difficulty with consonants are further signs that can indicate hearing loss.

Repositioning to Hear Better

Cupping your ear or repositioning your body to help you hear can indicate a hearing problem. These methods will help you hear in the moment, but they won’t address the reason you’re having difficulties, which can then get worse over time.

Trouble with Pitches

Hearing loss can also manifest as difficulties hearing certain tones and pitches. You may begin to miss things like phone calls, alarms, doorbells, or higher-pitched sounds in nature like birds singing.

Conversations Make You Tired

If you have trouble with your hearing, you may find yourself straining to listen when someone is talking. This can include moving closer, trying to tune out background noise, or focusing on their lips to understand what they’re saying. All of these can make you feel tired, so if you find yourself fatigued after conversations, visit a hearing specialist.

You Hear a Ringing or Buzzing Sound

You may sometimes find yourself hearing a sound, whether constantly or periodically. Often it is described as a high-pitched ringing. This is usually a side-effect of hearing loss. Visit a specialist so they can confirm what the cause is and recommend proper treatment such as hearing aids.

Book a Hearing Test at Bravo Hearing

The hearing specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre understand that hearing is a critical part of your life and do our best to help preserve it as best as we can. If you experience any sign of hearing loss or you’re concerned with your ability to hear as you age, contact us to schedule an appointment for a test. The sooner you can begin treatment, the more of your natural hearing you may be able to retain. Along with hearing tests, we offer ongoing support, recommendations, and hearing health services to our patients.

To book your hearing test, please contact us at 647-694-4626 today.

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