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Starkey vs. Signia Hearing Aids: Which One is for You?

Starkey vs. Signia Hearing Aids: Which One is for You?Starkey vs Signia Hearing Aids comparison

Hearing aid shopping is not something that you do every day. For this reason, when it is time to do it, the task can be daunting. It can be worse if you don’t have a professional guide, especially with so much to consider. If you are new to this, it helps to have someone with more experience walk you through the process.

At Bravo, we have experts who can guide you through different hearing products and advise you on the best fit. Today, we start by comparing Starkey and Signia products. This guide will help determine which of these hearing aids are right for you. Let’s dive in.

Starkey Hearing Aids

Starkey’s hearing aids current lineup includes the Genesis AI, Evolve AI, Livio Edge AI, and Picasso models. The technology levels vary across these models, with some offering rechargeable options and others boasting features like waterproofing and wireless connectivity. Notably, the Genesis AI, Evolve AI, and Livio Edge AI come with a health data tracker, a variety of optional accessories, and remote app compatibility.

The standout model, Livio Edge AI, is available in multiple styles, including in-the-ear and behind-the-ear options. Its advanced features include translation capabilities through the Thrive app, fall detection, IntelliVoice for enhanced speech understanding, and Edge Mode for environmental adjustments.

Signia Hearing Aids 

Signia’s hearing aids latest models include the Styletto AX, Pure, and Silk X. These models offer varying technology levels, with the Styletto AX and Pure featuring a rechargeable option and wireless connectivity. The Silk X model is unique with its CIC (completely in the canal) style and Click Sleeves. While these models do not have a health data tracker, they do come with optional accessories and remote app support.

Detailed Comparison Between Starkey and Signia Models

Starkey Models

ModelOverviewWarrantyPower SourceVolume Program ControlDirect Phone Streaming
Genesis AIGenesis AI hearing aids are designed to mimic the cerebral cortex, processing sounds in a way that resembles a normal auditory system and making over 80 million adjustments per hour for clear, distinct sound.3 YearsRechargeable OptionThe model includes Edge Mode+ which optimizes sound quality on-demand and a hearing control feature for adjustments and streaming.Supports binaural streaming for calls, music, and more directly to both hearing aids.
Evolve AIEvolve AI hearing aids deliver up to 55 million personalized adjustments per hour and are designed to automatically provide realistic and genuine sound quality in various environments.3 YearsRechargeable OptionAdvanced connectivity features for effortless sound adjustments and a seamless listening experience.Offers connectivity to a wide range of devices including Android, facilitating superior sound quality and effortless streaming for TV, music, and conversations.
Livio Edge AIEquipped with Edge Mode for enhanced speech clarity in busy settings, superior sound quality, and Bluetooth connectivity with select smartphones.3 YearsRechargeable OptionThe Thrive Hearing Control app allows full control over the hearing aids, including volume adjustments and managing other features.Streams phone calls and music, and is compatible with the Thrive app, providing health and wellness tracking.
PicassoCustom hearing aids designed for superior sound quality, listening clarity, and a discreet fit. They are comfortable and ideal for streaming TV, phone calls, and music.3 YearsNon-RechargeablePersonalized listening experience with distortion-free comfort for loud sounds and ultimate clarity for soft sounds.Offers consistent wireless performance for streaming TV, music, and other media​.

Signia Models

ModelOverviewWarrantyPower SourceVolume Program ControlDirect Phone Streaming
Styletto AXSuitable for a wide range of hearing losses from mild to severe, with a slim and lightweight RIC design. Ideal for complex listening environments.2 YearsRechargeableFeatures Augmented Focus™ technology and Own Voice Processing 2.0 for improved listening comfort and natural voice sound.Supports both iOS and Android connectivity, hands-free calling with iOS, and includes tinnitus features.
PureDiscreet, high-tech hearing aids offering state-of-the-art sound and Bluetooth connectivity for phone calls, music, and TV audio.2 YearsRechargeablePacked with high-tech features for a sleek, rechargeable, and personalized hearing experience.Offers personalized hearing with direct streaming capabilities.
Silk XDesigned for crystal-clear sound in every situation, tackling challenges in noisy environments with the true-to-life sound of Signia Xperience.2 YearsNon-Rechargeable. Uses size 10 batteriesAllows remote control via the Signia app or the miniPocket accessory for convenient adjustments.Provides Twin Phone functionality for phone calls, though music and TV streaming are not supported.

Book a Hearing Test to Buy the Right Hearing Aids

Getting a hearing test is the first step towards getting helpful hearing aids. At Bravo Hearing Centre, we offer hearing tests that can determine your level of hearing loss. You can also do a self-hearing test to get an idea if you may need hearing aids.

Whether you prioritize health tracking features, style, or specific technological advancements, both Starkey and Signia offer a range of options to suit different needs. Get in touch with us for more information on our products and services. You can also book a professional hearing test and let us guide you toward better hearing.

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