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A Variety Of Hearing Loss Tests

ear-wax-removalIn an increasingly noisy world, the incidence of hearing impairment is rising and, along with it, so is the demand for hearing loss tests.

But for those who suspect they may have suffered hearing damage, knowing how and where to get a hearing loss test can be confusing; especially if they search on the internet.

The Self-Test for Hearing Loss

The first step in determining whether you have any hearing impairment is a simple one. A hearing self-test gets you to focus on your everyday listening experiences because they might indicate a loss of hearing:

  • Do you raise or keep the volume control on your TV higher than other people in your family?
  • Do you ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Does it seem like people are mumbling or not speaking clearly?
  • Do you have trouble hearing a normal conversation in a noisy environment, or when many other people are talking around you?
  • Do your family members, friends and work colleagues ask you if you have trouble hearing?
  • Do you have trouble understanding what people say when you are not face-to-face with them?
  • Have you noticed that you are increasingly moving forward and/or toward the speaker system at social or work functions in order to hear and understand what is being said?
  • Does listening for an extended period of time make you feel anxious, stressed or tired?

Online Tests for Hearing Loss

The internet has become a reliable source for information and answers for just about anything and it can be helpful in identifying a type of hearing loss.

A quick search will return a number of sites that feature a range of audio files, each one at a different frequency. By listening to each frequency and noting which, if any, frequencies are not heard, it’s possible to identify a potential hearing impairment.

It must be stressed that any test, online or self-administered, is not definitive and should only be used as a guideline to determine if there is the possibility of a hearing loss and whether or not further attention is warranted.

Professional Audiometric Testing for Hearing Loss

The only way to definitively determine if you have suffered a loss of hearing, and the extent of that loss, is to visit a professional hearing centre and get an audiometric hearing test from a certified hearing instrument specialist.

Not only will a professional audiometric hearing test accurately identify your hearing loss, but qualified advice from a hearing specialist will help you determine the right treatment, prevent further damage if possible and get the best hearing assistive devices.

The hearing instrument specialists at will assist you in clearly understanding the results of your hearing test and any subsequent recommendations.

For professional insight and knowledge about tests for hearing loss call Bravo Hearing Centre today at 416-207-9711 or Contact Us to arrange a free hearing test.

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