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Living & Staying Active with Oticon Hearing Aids

Living & Staying Active with Oticon Hearing AidsLiving & Staying Active with Oticon Hearing Aids

Everyone values good hearing health and recognizes the importance of hearing aids. However, it’s normal to be anxious about your hearing aids while exercising or going about your daily life. Thankfully, there is no cause for concern.

Our experts have prepared a straightforward guide to help you understand that there is no need to worry. You can still live an active life even with hearing aids, though there are some things you may need to consider. Whether you are a long-time user of Oticon hearing aids or are new to them, you will find these tips helpful.

Should I Wear My Oticon Hearing Aids When I’m Exercising?

Yes, you can. You may assume that it would be better and safer for your hearing aids if you left them in your gym bag, but it is better to keep them in.

For most people, wearing their hearing aids can enhance the workout experience. They help keep you safer, more connected to your teammates, coach, instructor, and surroundings. If you also love listening to music for motivation during exercise, the Bluetooth feature on some Oticon hearing aid models can stream music from your smartphone.

How Do I Keep My Oticon Hearing Aids from Falling Out?

Hearing aids that are tight can be uncomfortable, while loose ones can fall out during exercise. Often, it may be challenging to keep the hearing aids comfortably in place without falling out. Not to worry, here are some handy solutions:

  • Find the perfect fit. Your hearing specialist can help you find the best size of hearing aids that match your lifestyle.
  • Tie long hair back to prevent tangling with the hearing aid.
  • Find accessories such as hearing aid clips, headbands, or straps designed to hold your hearing aids in place. Headbands also help wick away sweat droplets while keeping the devices secure.

Will the Batteries in My Oticon Hearing Aids Last?

Thanks to advancing hearing aid technology, needing to replace your batteries is largely a thing of the past. Many Oticon hearing aid models are rechargeable, making them a perfect choice if you are active. They have in-built batteries that offer a full day of use with just a quick charge.

You can enjoy hiking, yoga, bike-riding, or any activity you love without worrying about your batteries running low or needing to bring replacements.

How Do I Care for My Hearing Aids After a Workout?

Sweat and water are the most significant concerns for your hearing aids and can prevent them from working correctly.

Just like you need to relax after a tiring workout, your hearing aids need post-workout care too. They will last longer and work better if you take some time to care for them. Be sure to keep your hearing aid care simple and ensure it fits your lifestyle. Here’s how:

Clean and Inspect Your Hearing Aids Daily

Use a wax pick to remove any debris or ear wax that may be stuck on the hearing aid. There is often one in the cleaning kit that comes with your hearing aids, or you can buy one separately. Most kits also have a puffer that will remove moisture from the tubing.

Buy a Hearing Aid Dehumidifier

While Oticon hearing aids are designed to be water-resistant, it’s essential to dry them if they come into contact with sweat or water.

A hearing aid dehumidifier is usually quite affordable for the convenience they offer in removing moisture and sanitizing your devices. They are also a great place to store your hearing aids while you sleep.

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