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Invisible Hearing Aids Offer Benefits Of Discretion Along With Latest Technology

Invisible hearing aidsWhen someone is informed that they have sufficient hearing loss to require the use of hearing aids, their initial reaction may be less than enthusiastic. However, this reaction may not be due to the news about their loss of hearing, but rather because of a stereotypical perception about the size and the appearance of the actual hearing aids themselves.

While such a response may be somewhat understandable, it may also be an opinion that is based on older hearing aid technology – the behind-the-ear and in-the-ear styles that have been commonplace since these instruments were first introduced. But technology has indeed come a long way, to the point where hearing aids are nearly invisible or IIC hearing aids (invisible-in-the-canal) are now available.

IIC hearing aids offer a unique combination of discretion and technological benefits for individuals with mild to moderate hearing loss:

Physical Size

  • IICs are the smallest hearing aids currently available
  • Designed to fit much deeper into the ear canal


  • Aesthetics – they are essentially invisible to others (hence the name)
  • For individuals who may be self-conscious about wearing hearing aids

Sound Quality

  • Crisp and clear – deeper fit helps filter the natural range of sound
  • Microphone placement aids with localization (direction) of sounds

Uninterrupted Use

  • Can be worn throughout the day and night (fundamentally 24/7)
  • May be left in place for sports, while sleeping, in the shower, etc.


  • No batteries to change
  • May be used continuously for periods up to 120 days

Invisible hearing aids reflect the latest advancement in the evolution of these devices, respecting the importance of convenience and aesthetics/presentation while maintaining and even enhancing sound quality. Further information on the benefits of IIC hearing aids can be obtained from the specialists at a professional hearing centre such as Bravo Hearing Centre.

Are IIC Or Invisible Hearing Aids The Best Solution For Your Hearing Loss?

While the latest advancements in technology will likely be attractive to most individuals who are interested and/or in need of that specific product, it is important to temper such emotional sentiment with the practical side – will this latest version be useful/beneficial or would it just be nice to have because it is the newest on the market?

This same practical approach should be applied when purchasing hearing aids – will the invisible or IIC-style hearing aids be the best choice for your personal situation?

There are several instances when invisible hearing aids may not be the right option:

  • If the degree of hearing loss is greater than mild to moderate
  • If the ear canal is deemed to be too small or too narrow
  • In situations where there is excessive production of ear wax
  • In situations where there are issues with drainage from the ear
  • For individuals who have difficulty with manual dexterity

Fortunately, since the primary or most important factor is addressing hearing loss, there are several other styles of hearing aids available for individuals who may not be best suited for IIC or invisible hearing aids.

To determine which hearing aids are the optimal solution for your hearing loss, call the hearing aid specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre today at 416-207-9711 to schedule your no-obligation consultation.

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