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Tips On How To Learn Sign Language

Tips On How To Learn Sign LanguageLearning sign language can open up a whole new and exciting world of communication for you, as well as help you to converse with a friend or loved one who may be deaf. Though it is referred to as American Sign Language (ASL), it is actually used all around the world with slight variations. While initially attempting to learn sign language may appear daunting, once you grasp the initial concept, it should begin to flow much more easily.

If you are interested in learning sign language, the following tips might help you on your way:

  • Sign language doesn’t just use the hands to communicate—your arms, torso, and facial expressions will also be a part of ASL.
  • When speaking to someone using ASL, you hold the palms of your hands facing the person, and perform signs outward towards them.
  • Learning how to spell using ASL at an early stage is important, because then you can easily spell out words you haven’t learned signs for yet.
  • Learning numbers and days of the week early is also useful, as many conversations involve making plans or specifying times and dates.
  • Practice, practice, practice. Continue to practice words you’ve already learned while at the same time add new ones.
  • When learning sign language, it is always helpful to take a class or work with someone who already knows it so that you can see firsthand what the signs look like when they are performed correctly. You can also find plenty of instructional videos online.

As you find yourself growing more comfortable with what you’ve learned, be sure to find someone who also knows sign language that you can communicate with so that you can test what you’ve learned.

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