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What to Do When You Have Trouble Hearing in Crowds

What to Do When You Have Trouble Hearing in CrowdsSometimes, a person who has no trouble hearing in general can start to notice some difficulty in situations where a conversation is competing with background noise, such as Canada Day festivities, family gatherings or bustling restaurants.

One possible reason is that a given place is just way too loud for anyone to hear clearly without taking their conversation elsewhere. However, if you’re finding your hearing challenged in places where the background noise isn’t monumentally loud, you may want to have yourself checked for high-frequency hearing loss.

High-frequency hearing loss is a very normal part of the aging process, but it can also affect younger people who are exposed to a lot of loud noises. Trouble hearing “H,” “F,” or “S” sounds are one of the signals that high-frequency hearing loss may be happening.

High-frequency hearing loss may mean you begin to notice it is harder to hear birds chirping, children’s voices or women talking. This is because they are higher frequencies than things such as television programs or deeper, male voices.

The best treatment is prevention. Use hearing protection such as earplugs or over-the-ear earmuffs when you know you will be exposed to sounds over 85 decibels. This can include using power tools, shooting a gun, riding a motorcycle, or attending events.

The only way to be sure about any hearing loss is to have your hearing assessed by a qualified hearing health professional. If you do have high-frequency hearing loss, today’s hearing aid technology can be a great help to you. Contact the specialists from Bravo Hearing to get a hearing test and learn the best steps to take moving forward.

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