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Siemens Hearing Aids

History And Development

siemens-hearing-aidFor over a century, Siemens hearing aids have been designed and manufactured with the goal of helping anyone with a hearing loss. It’s a proud history of accomplishments, research and cooperation that has lead to improved quality of life for millions of people.

1878 – Werner von Siemens invents the Phonofor
The invention of the telephone started a personal communication revolution, but not for the hard of hearing. The Phonofor was an improvement to the receiver that made the voice reproduction loud enough to be understood by more people.

1910 – The first devices from Siemens
Originally a development aimed at helping hearing impaired employees and family members. The first line of Siemens devices used the same carbon sound reproducing technology originally found in the Phonofor.

1914 – Introduction of the “Mini-Telephone” or ear speaker
Worn in the ear, the mini telephone started a new era in design and technology.

1924 – The Carbon Amplifier Patent
The carbon amplifier raised volume capacity significantly.

1929 – The first portable device with an amplifying tube
Originally built into a suitcase, amplifying tubes allowed for higher amplification.

1949 – The first pocket-sized instrument with a tube amplifier
Miniaturization took a big leap forward after “crystal” or piezo microphones were introduced.

1953 – First use of transistors in pocket hearing aids
Transistors allowed for further miniaturization resulting in advancements like building devices into eyeglass frames.

1959 – The first behind-the-ear (BTE) instrument
Hearing aids and the lives of those who use them changed forever with the introduction of BTE instruments.

Today, the process of research and innovation that produced such profound advancements in miniaturization and sound reproduction are still in evidence in the design and manufacture of all Siemens products.

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