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Siemens/Signia Hearing Aids

For over 100 years, hearing aids from Siemens, a German manufacturer, have consistently provided hearing solutions and lifestyle improvements for people with hearing impairment.  First developed as a form of telephone receiver, Siemens hearing aid technology has helped paved the way for innovative advancements dating from the 1950s (the first pocket-sized hearing aids) to the current decade (the world’s first digital waterproof hearing aid).

This evolution continues with the amalgamation of Siemens technology and a new premium brand of hearing aids known as Signia. Moving forward, and for the foreseeable future, this company will co-market its products under the name Siemens/Signia; consequently, models of Siemens/Signia hearing aids that can be obtained through the hearing loss specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre include the following:

Siemens/Signia Hearing Aid Models

Siemens Hearing Aids


Performance LevelStandardAdvancedPremium
Speech Focus************
Noise Control************
Processing Channels243248
Wireless ConnectivityYesYesYes
Control AppYesYesYes
Rechargeable OptionYesYesYes

Signia Hearing Aids

get-a-quoteSIGNIA PURE

The Signia Pure Charge & Go Nx is the only rechargeable hearing aid that offers direct sound transmission and provides a natural sound for your voice. They come with an induction charger, which automatically begins to charge the hearing aids when they are connected. They are small, yet offer the most natural sound, a high-quality listening experience, and great wireless connectivity while remaining virtually imperceptible behind the ear. The Pure Charge & Go are suitable for mild to severe hearing loss, and can provide you with the best quality, long-lasting hearing experience.

Signia Silk Nx

get-a-quoteSIGNIA SILK NX

The Silk Nx model of hearing aid from Signia is the smallest and most natural device to wear. They are 20% smaller than the predecessors, rendering them practically invisible when worn in your ear and offering comfort and discretion versus conventional models. The silicon dome that fits into your ear canal comes in three sizes and two venting options, allowing it to fit securely in your ear. This model also has colour features, allowing you to easily determine which ear houses which hearing aid with red being for the right and blue for the left.


Technological advancements have also played important roles in the development of hearing aids in terms of their size, where they will be worn relative to the ear canal, and their use and performance based on the specific degree of hearing loss.  In turn, hearing instrument specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto can precisely target their recommendations of Siemens/Signia hearing aid models as follows:

  • BTE (behind the ear): for those with more severe hearing loss and/or smaller ear canals
  • ITE (in the ear): custom-manufactured hearing aids to fit the specific shape of one’s ear
  • ITC (in the canal): custom-made, mainly for cases of mild to mildly severe hearing loss
  • CIC (completely in the canal): very small devices that fit the deepest into the ear canal
  • RIC (receiver in the canal): tiny housings behind the ears; receivers that sit in the canal

Siemens/Signia hearing aids are available at different price points and in various technology levels including basic (standard), essential (advanced), and premium; this range of options is sufficient to meet the scope of needs and preferences for the vast majority of hearing aid wearers.

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