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Audiometric Hearing Testing

To Determine Correct Sound Levels

If you’ve been finding it difficult to hear what people are saying or have to turn up the volume on the radio, TV and music system, you could be affected by hearing loss. By scheduling an audiometric hearing testing, we can determine your listening range at different frequencies. In most cases it is conducted by an audiologist in a sound proof room with a pair of earphones that are connected to an audiometer.

Designed to check hearing sensitivity, the audiometer produces tones at specific frequencies and set volume levels to test each ear independently. Individuals undergoing the test will indicate if they have heard the tone by raising a hand or pressing a button. The audiologist will then plot the loudness on an audiogram.

Book a hearing test and find out if you need hearing aids.

Trained hearing specialists administer audiometric hearing testing to determine your exact hearing levels and suggest the best listening device for you. Being able to hear clearly is essential for your personal safety as well as healthy social interaction.

Call Bravo Hearing Centre at 416-207-9711 or complete our easy online form to schedule audiometric hearing testing by our specialists.

Audiometric Hearing Testing By Experienced Hearing Aid Specialists

Experienced audiologists will help you determine the kind of hearing healthcare that you need. Age is just one of many factors that can contribute to hearing loss. Noisy work environments and loud music are some other causes that can affect people at any age. The hearing test will determine if you need hearing aids and/or noise protection to prevent further hearing loss.

Trained and qualified hearing professionals use the latest equipment to enhance the accuracy of test results. They will:

  • Establish your current hearing levels
  • Help you select hearing aids to suit your need and comfort
  • Deliver expert follow-up care
  • • Offer professional advice and hearing rehab services to address your auditory health

Bravo Hearing Centre also schedules at-home or in-hospital appointments if this would be more convenient than visiting our clinic. Our experienced hearing specialists are committed to making a difference in your life.

Phone 416-207-9711 to make an appointment for audiometric hearing testing.

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