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Comprehensive Audiometric Services From Professional Hearing Specialists

Today’s cutting-edge audiometric services cater to a wide variety of hearing healthcare requirements such as:

  • Finding a suitable hearing aid
  • Identifying the right hearing protection instrument
  • Determining an appropriate assistive listening device

Whether you’re experiencing sudden hearing loss, need to upgrade or fix your hearing aids, or are looking for noise protection, help is available.

Not able to hear clearly? Book a hearing test to find out your precise hearing levels!

Being able to hear clearly and maintaining good hearing health ensures personal safety. It also allows you to continue doing all the things you love. Finding quality audiometric services to cater to your specific needs and budget is crucial to leading a happy and fulfilled life.

Bravo Hearing Centre has experienced hearing specialists providing personalized attention and customized services to meet your individual requirements. Expert hearing aid evaluations, latest hearing devices and top quality care have earned us Etobicoke’s Best Hearing Services Award.

Quality Audiometric Services Tailored To Your Needs And Budget

We aim to get to know patients’ needs and match their requirements 100% in an affordable manner. We help people optimize their hearing and communicate more effectively, achieving an improved quality of life.

What do our audiometric services include?

  • Detailed audiometric hearing testing
  • Expert hearing aid evaluations
  • Latest hearing aids and accessories, hearing protection and assistive listening devices from reliable manufacturers such as like Starkey, Widex, Bernafon, ReSound, Phonak, Oticon and Unitron
  • Top quality dispensing and follow-up care
  • Experienced aural rehabilitation-counselling services
  • Convenient in-home or hospital visits
  • Flawless minor repairs onsite

Call 416-207-9711 today and speak with our specialists for quality audiometric services.

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