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A Buying Guide for Hearing Aid Accessories

A Buying Guide for Hearing Aid AccessoriesA Buying Guide for Hearing Aid Accessories

If you experience hearing loss, you may have been told that a hearing aid can help. Talking on the phone, watching TV, going to public events, participating in meetings or classes, and everyday life can all be made simpler with hearing aids and their accessories.

What Are Hearing Aid Accessories?

Hearing aid accessories are components that can be added to a hearing aid to enhance its usefulness, adaptability, or appeal. There are a variety of options available. Some items, such as batteries and cleaning supplies, are necessary, while other accessories are optional, although you may find them useful. Examples include transmitters and receivers, dryers and humidifiers, Bluetooth streaming devices, earwax filters, and charging stations.

How to Choose Hearing Aid Accessories

Before you settle on the best hearing aid accessories, you need to ask yourself a few questions. Do you think these accessories are worth the cost? Which ones are essential, and which ones could you possibly go without?

The best hearing accessories will be determined by your lifestyle, preferences, and needs. For instance, there are both battery-powered devices and rechargeable hearing aids available. You can discover that recharging a device is easy compared to routinely changing the batteries. However, if you are away from your charger for extended periods or might be prone to forgetting it, you may appreciate the ability to go to the store and purchase a battery for your device.

Additionally, investing in a dehumidifier for your hearing aid may be advantageous for individuals who exercise regularly and engage in physical activity. A dehumidifier cleans the apparatus and removes moisture to stop deterioration and bacterial growth. Certain dehumidifiers incorporate an LED light to indicate when a hearing aid is clean and ready for use.

Essential Hearing Aid Accessories

These are typically accessories that are a must-have and are often bought with hearing aids because they are vital to their functioning. Typically, the only essential accessories are batteries or your charger.

You’ll require a constant supply of disposable hearing aid “button” batteries unless you have rechargeable hearing aids. Always have extra batteries on hand so you can be ready for the day and enjoy uninterrupted use of your devices.

Must-Have Maintenance Accessories 

Cleaning your hearing aids routinely and performing regular maintenance keeps the devices in mint condition for longer. Here are some tools you need for this process:

Cleaning Brush

To tidy your hearing aid’s shell, faceplate, or sound port, use the soft brush tip end of a cleaning brush. To help with cleaning the battery compartment, some brushes feature a magnetized battery removal tool.

Wax Pick

A wax pick is a valuable tool in your hearing aid accessory bag because they are made to help you eliminate wax and other debris from your hearing aid easily and safely.


A multitool is a multipurpose tool that includes a cleaning brush as well as a wax loop for comprehensive cleaning only with one tool.

Optional Hearing Aid Accessories

Optional add-ons may simplify device maintenance or increase your ability to benefit from them. They include:


These accessories can be useful if you live in a humid area, partake in outdoor activities that could expose your hearing aids to damaging moisture, or sweat a lot. Simple dehumidifiers draw out moisture overnight with a desiccant.

Bluetooth Streaming Gadgets

The majority of cutting-edge hearing aids are now Bluetooth-enabled, making it simple to wirelessly connect to various gadgets, including cell phones, MP3 players, and televisions.

Carrying Case

Shatterproof or water-resistant cases can help if you need to take your hearing aids out or if you enjoy swimming or other outdoor sports.

Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)

In highly specialized listening contexts like classrooms, lecture halls, music venues, and theatres, these assistive listening devices can help your hearing aids perform better.

Hearing Aid Apps

For Apple and Android devices, many hearing aid manufacturers are developing apps that enable users to adjust volume, stream audio, find lost hearing aids, and more.

Importance of the Right Hearing Care Specialist

Although your hearing specialist might not be regarded as a “hearing aid accessory,” he or she will undoubtedly have an impact on the performance, durability, and comfort of your hearing aid. They can help with everything from routine upkeep and adjustments to assisting you in finding the ideal device and accessories for your lifestyle.

Consult Bravo Hearing to Get the Best Hearing Aid Accessories

Bravo Hearing Centre provides a wide selection of hearing aids, accessories, and services, including expert advice from our licensed hearing specialists.

Visit our website to book a hearing test, or call us at 647-694-4626 for more details on the products and services offered by the team at Bravo Hearing Centre.

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