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Why Hearing Loss Occurs On One Side: Causes and TreatmentsWhy Hearing Loss Causes and Treatments

Hearing aids are an invaluable resource for individuals who may be losing or have lost their ability to hear well. These devices work very well for short distances, but when there is more distance involved or other noise conflicts, accessories can provide a tremendous benefit.

Where Hearing Aid Accessories Can Help


When you’re at a restaurant, it may be difficult to follow the conversation going on at your table. Other people around you may be having their own chats, you can sometimes hear the sounds from the kitchen, and there is often ambient music playing. All of these aspects can be quite distracting and at times even overwhelming. Consider purchasing a remote microphone that is compatible with your hearing aid model. You can then place this on the table to help you focus on your chat.

Conferences and Lectures

If you are far from the presenter, it can pose problems for your ability to accurately hear or understand what is being said. In this scenario, a remote microphone placed either at the presenter’s podium or around their neck will help bring their voice directly to your ear.

During Phone Calls

Phones don’t always provide the best quality during a call, and if you are hard of hearing, it can be difficult to make out the words clearly. It is for this reason that developers have created various products to use with your smartphone to help make this easier. The Phonak Marvel hearing aids are able to directly connect to your iPhone or Android device. They can then be used to talk or stream music.

Watching Television and Listening to Media at Home

Often, what brings individuals in to have their hearing checked is others stating the TV is up too loud. If this is the case for you, consider finding a hearing aid manufacturer that provides media support and the ability to stream directly through your hearing device.

The hearing professionals at Bravo Hearing Centre in Etobicoke understand that finding the right hearing aids and accessories are essential for maintaining a high quality of life. Our team is committed to helping you and providing services and support based on the individual needs of each patient.For more information on the services and solutions provided by the specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre, please see our hearing services page or contact us at 647-694-4626.

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