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Why You Need an Annual Hearing Test

Why You Need an Annual Hearing TestHearing Test

There are typically two main reasons for an individual to visit a hearing specialist. There are to receive care of a suspected or previously diagnosed hearing issue, or for an annual hearing test. Unfortunately, unlike other routine checks such as physicals and dental visits, most people tend not to make annual hearing tests a priority. What really makes an annual hearing test so important?

Hearing Loss Is Usually Gradual

Being aware of your hearing health will allow you to detect any changes that occur. By the time individuals begin to notice hearing loss, it can already be fairly advanced. Even if you are yet to notice any signs, be sure to get checked regularly so you can address any issues should they arise.

Untreated Hearing Loss Affects Your Life

The likelihood of experiencing some kind of change in your hearing over time is quite high. People of all ages can experience hearing loss whether it be from their work environment, loud events, or just as a result of getting older. Untreated hearing loss can affect your job, happiness and relationships. Being able to detect any problems when they arise is essential for taking the appropriate steps to correct them.

Early Detection Is Critical

Finding and addressing hearing issues early is important. Waiting to treat any problem can lead to a more difficult period of adjustment when you do get hearing aids. Having an original baseline to work with lets you and your doctor more easily detect any changes.

The Specialists at Bravo Hearing Can Help Detect Any Hearing Loss

The hearing professionals at Bravo Hearing Centre in Etobicoke know that your hearing is essential and precious, and impacts nearly every aspect of your life. For this reason, we strive to provide the best advice and recommendations to improve your hearing health now and in the future. Our team is committed to providing services and support based on the individual needs of each patient.

For more information on the services and solutions provided by the specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre, please see our hearing services page or contact us at 647-694-4626.

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