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What Are The Contributing Factors To The Cost Of Hearing Aids?

Most hearing aids are small enough that you can hold one or two quite easily in the palm of your hand. When you just consider their size, you may likely be wondering how something that small can cost so much – conversely, when you consider what hearing aids can do for your quality of life, you may consider these devices to be invaluable no matter their cost.

Ultimately, there is a specific or actual dollar amount that you will pay to a hearing aid specialist to custom fit hearing aids to the distinct shape of your ears and to address your degree of hearing loss. So what, exactly, contributes to the actual price you pay?

In fact, there are several factors that all play a role in determining the final price of your hearing aids, ranging from material costs to promotional expenses to professional fees paid to the hearing aids specialist. In greater detail, these contributing factors are:


  • Components relating to technology and extra features/functions
  • Composition that maintains/extends durability, dependability, and performance
  • Research and development to remain on the leading edge of the above elements
  • The actual manufacturing and assembly costs of the hearing aids

Marketing Or Promotional Expenses

  • Costs associated with free hearing tests or screenings
  • Costs incurred to guarantee customer satisfaction (free 30-day trials)
  • Costs related to warranty work (free repairs or replacement)

Professional Fees

  • Initial consultations and follow-up appointments
  • Customized molds and fittings
  • Continuing education for the hearing aids specialist

As you can see, there are several direct (tangible) and indirect (intangible) costs that influence the ultimate price of your hearing aids.

Important Points To Consider When Buying Your Hearing Aids

Your eventual choice of hearing aids should be the result of an informed decision that takes into consideration your specific hearing loss, as well as your lifestyle preferences and needs, personal comfort and, of course, budget. Be very leery and cautious of mail order or non-prescription devices that prey on vanity and even denial by advertising a system that can improve your hearing without the use of/need for actual hearing aids.

Your hearing, and by association your ability to comprehend speech and sounds, is not a matter for late-night infomercials or a kiosk in a shopping mall. If you believe that your hearing is either failing or impaired, it is important to consult the services and expertise of a hearing aids specialist. The specialist will initiate the process with a hearing test (audiometric evaluation) to set the proper foundation for moving forward.

Other important steps or factors to consider before buying your hearing aids would be:

  • Shop Around – Selection and pricing can/will vary between different hearing centres
  • Selection – Base your choice of hearing aids on function and comfort (how well do they help you hear?) rather than size, price only, and/or any special features or deals
  • Evaluation #1 – Ask for (and take advantage of) a free 30-day trial period to assess the sound quality, volume/loudness, and comfort level of the hearing aids
  • Evaluation #2 – Assess your ability to manage the product’s size, volume controls and batteries during the trial period as well
  • Warranty – Find out what is covered, and for how long after your purchase?
  • Private Insurance Coverage – What percentage of the cost, if any, is covered?
  • Other Assistance – Are you eligible for coverage or financial support through WSIB or Veterans Affairs, or perhaps through civic organizations such as the Lions Club?

Buying hearing aids is a far more complex process than just ordering the combo meal special at a fast food restaurant. It is an investment of time and money in a matter that affects your overall health and lifestyle, and is therefore a decision that should be made after careful consideration and thorough research – and the inclusion of a hearing aids specialist as a most important resource.

If you are looking for high quality hearing aids that also meet your particular budget, contact Bravo Hearing Centre today or call us at 416-207-9711 to speak with one of our hearing aid specialists and discuss the product that is right for you!

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