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What Are Assistive Listening Devices (ALDs)?

An Assistive Listening Device (or ALD) is an instrument that, in essence, allows you to hear better through the process of amplifying sound. ALDs are typically used to provide hearing ability for people in a variety of situations including:

  • Telephones
  • Alerting devices
  • Telephones
  • Music systems
  • Televisions and
  • TTY devices

In short, an ALD can be used in any circumstance where the source of the audio is being broadcasted wirelessly on an FM frequency. The person who is listening may use a small FM receiver to tune into the signal and listen at their preferred volume.

ALDs can be grouped into three categories – personal devices, group systems and other communication options.

Bravo Hearing Centre provides a diverse selection of Assistive Listening Devices to address your precise requirements. Based on a hearing test that determines your degree of hearing loss, our hearing professionals will rely on their vast experience to identify and recommend the right solution for you.

ALD’s Vs. Hearing Aids

Assistive Listening Devices are designed to enhance or bolster hearing capability for individuals dealing with hearing loss.

  • ALDs are often recommended for people who have mild hearing loss and choose not to get hearing aids—like for amplifying TV sound (if that is the only listening difficulty you’re experiencing).
  • Hearing aids are not effective in environments in which you need to filter out things you don’t want to hear like at a conference or seminar. In such cases ALDs may be used in conjunction with the hearing aids. The principle of most ALDs is to make the sound take precedence over the background noise, rather than just making everything louder as hearing aids do.
  • Some ALDs can be used in place of hearing aids and some can be used together.

Your audiologist is ideally positioned to decide whether you need an assistive listening device, hearing aids or both. The hearing test indicates the type of listening device you will need.

At Bravo Hearing Centre we have a variety of products to meet your needs and budgets. More importantly, we customize solutions and offer personalized care to ensure you get the best results.

Experience the Bravo Hearing difference!

To learn more about the functions and benefits of Assistive Listening Devices in relation to hearing loss, call Bravo Hearing Centre today at 416-207-9711 or contact us for additional information.

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