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Ways to Protect Your Hearing Aids in Cold Winter Temperatures

Important Considerations for Protecting Your Hearing Aids During the Winter

Hearing aidsMany people are well-aware that portable electronic devices such as their cellphones and laptops should be protected from any exposure to cold winter weather.  And for the vast majority of these people, this knowledge has been acquired as a direct result of personal experience; that is, they tried to use their particular device but learned that the battery had lost its charge due to being left unprotected from the cold air and/or from wet snow. 

protecting your hearing aids during the winterIt certainly makes sense to take winter-weather precautions with these devices, in part because people want (need?) them to work reliably on-demand, and because they invest a good deal of money in their initial purchase and in their subsequent use.  Based on this reasoning, should the same mindset not apply to protecting your hearing aids during the cold of winter?  The short answer, of course, is yes.

Hearing aids should also be seen as an investment, and while there are likely to be some people who will flippantly claim that they ‘just cannot live’ without their mobile devices, it could be argued by a segment of the population in Toronto that hearing aids should be ranked higher in overall importance.

Consequently, the specialists from Bravo Hearing Centre, a leader among hearing clinics in Toronto for more than three decades, are pleased to provide these suggestions to help people with protecting their hearing aids during the winter:

Ways of Protecting Hearing Aids During the Cold Winter Season

Ways to Protect Your Hearing Aids in Cold Winter Temperatures

  • Do not leave hearing aids or batteries in an unheated environment
  • Place hearing aids (batteries removed) in a dehumidifier every night
  • Keep ears and hearing aids covered when outdoors during a snowfall
  • Remove batteries at once if hearing aids get wet while out in the cold
  • Consider a sweatband or sleeve to guard against exposure to moisture
  • Carry extra batteries – keep them warm and dry (shirt or pant pocket)
  • Remove any signs of moisture upon moving from cold to warm settings
  • Wear head covers that absorb moisture rather than produce perspiration

Hearing aids must be reliable on a year-round basis but the winter season in Toronto can pose a challenge to that dependability.  By taking precautionary steps like those outlined above, hearing aid users can protect their investment and ensure optimal performance from their devices in cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions.

Visit a Hearing Centre for Tips on Wearing Hearing Aids in Cold Toronto Winters

People who may have concerns about wearing their hearing aids in the cold or inclement weather of a Toronto winter might find it helpful to speak with a specialist at the Bravo Hearing Centre, a reputable hearing centre serving the Greater Toronto Area for over 30 years. 

By consulting with a specialist from the Bravo Hearing Centre, these individuals can gain valuable insight on protecting hearing aids during the winter, including recommendations on such subjects as: 

  • Extending battery life
  • Protective hearing aid covers
  • Appropriate choices of head gear
  • Methods for removing moisture build-up
  • Participation in outdoor sporting activities
  • Protection vs excessive noise (snow blowers)

For further information on the complete range of hearing services offered by the hearing aid specialists at one of the leading clinics in Toronto – Bravo Hearing Centre.

If you have questions about the best measures to take for protecting your hearing aids during the winter, call the hearing aids specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto at 416-207-9711 or contact us to make an appointment today.

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