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Top Hearing Aids Of 2013

Top hearing aids employ the latest technology to give you crystal clear sound. Whether you are in a noisy restaurant, talking on the phone or listening to music, you’ll be able to hear the smallest sounds so that you don’t miss out anything. Owing to advances in hearing healthcare, these devices are getting smaller to the point of being virtually invisible. They are also so lightweight that even you might forget you’re wearing them!

Here Is A Quick Guide To The Top Hearing Aids

  • Phonak Audeo Smart IX: Automatic with wireless broadband communication between aids, Bluetooth connectivity and mode/volume changes via wireless remote control. Reduces background noise as well
  • HearPod Invisipod, 32 XD: New open fit design, custom programmed to user’s hearing loss, automatic directional microphones
  • Phonak Certena: Easy to use, automatically switches programs in noisy places, plus automatic telephone switching is available
  • Phonak Virto 90 and Bolero 90: It has a super clear sound, fantastic noise reduction and a feedback stopper
  • Starkey Wi11: A good natural sound and excellent feedback stopper
  • Unitron Quantum 20 and Moxi 20: Utilizes the same microchip as the Phonak Ambra Unitron and is made by a company with excellent back up services
  • Widex Clear 440: From a leading Danish company that makes the popular Widex Senso Hearing aid which provides good sound
  • Starkey Wii: Most value for your money
  • Widex Mind 220: It can be made very small and discrete, is fully automatic and a very good price for the features it offers
  • Starkey E Series: It has an excellent feedback stopper
  • Phonak Cassia: Comes with bundles of features and great sound quality
  • Starkey Destiny 200: An excellent budget hearing aid with a good feedback stopper

It’s not enough to have the top hearing aids; you need to find the ones that best meet your needs. If you have been experiencing any kind of hearing loss or if your current device seems to have lost their effectiveness, it’s time to get a hearing test. At Bravo Hearing Centre, you’ll find hearing specialists with extensive training and experience as well as top hearing aids to best cater to your hearing impairment.

Widest Selection Of Hearing Aids – Made By Trusted Manufacturers

Nothing less than the best will do for our customers. That’s why Bravo Hearing Centre offers an extensive range of hearing aids from top manufacturers from around the world including: Starkey, Widex, Bernafon, ReSound, Unitron, Phonak.

We go beyond providing top hearing aids. We offer cutting-edge audiometric testing to identify the best one for you and follow it up with expert hearing healthcare to help you lead a happy and healthy existence.

  • Get a hearing test to determine the extent of your hearing loss
  • Schedule a hearing aid evaluation to find out if you need an upgrade
  • Take advantage of our periodic discounts to get one of the top hearing aids available
  • Come in for follow-up care to maintain good hearing health
  • Ask about assistive listening devices like personal FM systems, amplified telephones, alerting devices, portable personal amplifiers, voice carry over telephones and TTY devices to improve comfort and convenience
  • Inquire about our onsite (minor) repairs service to keep your hearing aids in top working condition

Come experience the Bravo difference. And if you can’t come to us don’t worry! We’ll come to you! Bravo Hearing Centre offers convenient home/hospital visits so that you can get the best hearing healthcare you need.

Discover more about hearing loss today. Call Bravo Hearing Centre at 416-207-9711 for information on the top hearing aids.

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