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The Importance of Receiving a Professional Hearing Test

Professional Hearing TestThe Importance of Receiving a Professional Hearing Test

Having a professional hearing test done is essential. It provides a base to compare any future results to, and also allows the hearing professionals to know which products will work best. Here are some other reasons a professional hearing test is important.

  • Programming Hearing Aids

    Each hearing aid sold by Bravo Hearing is customizable and programmable. To be sure you receive the best quality from your device, an accurate hearing test is required. Every frequency level should be tested to ensure the programming on your hearing test is correct.

  • Understand What Is Affecting Your Hearing

    Depending on the reason for your hearing loss, a hearing aid may not be the right choice for you. When getting a professional hearing test, the expert will examine your ears to help identify any issues within your ear or with your eardrum. Your hearing loss may be caused by a blockage or internal damage. Additionally, they will be able to perform other tests such as bone conduction, speech recognition and tympanometry test. These will all indicate where your hearing loss is and give a better idea of what is causing it.

  • Professional Tests Meet Industry Regulations and Best Practices

    To get the most out of the investment you’re making in your hearing, a proper professional test is essential. This lets us know that our products and recommendations will be accurate and give you the best results so you can make informed choices.

Contact Bravo Hearing for a Professional Hearing Test Today

The hearing professionals at Bravo Hearing Centre in Etobicoke want to be sure you have the best hearing possible. This is why we offer professional hearing tests, allowing us to make informed recommendations to improve your hearing. Our team provides services and support tailored to your individual needs.

To learn more about the services offered at Bravo Hearing Centre, please visit our hearing services page or contact us at 647-694-4626.

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