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Presbycusis and Age-Related Hearing Loss

senior-coupleAmong other age-related challenges, a common problem to do with hearing loss is Presbycusis. If it is not diagnosed and treated in time, it can cause seniors to feel alienated at a time of their lives when they have the most spare time and need for company.

Not being able to hear properly has a tremendous negative impact on the quality of life of millions of older individuals.

Here’s How Presbycusis Can Affect You

  • Can’t hear the phone ring or have trouble hearing a child’s voice? Presbycusis is often first noticed when attempting to hear sounds that have higher frequencies. In most cases, it affects both ears.
  • The symptoms don’t show up overnight. In fact, they start slowly and get progressively more pronounced as time goes by. You may not even realize that you are suffering from Presbycusis.
  • It most commonly occurs because of age-related changes in the inner ear, within the middle ear and along the nerve pathways to the brain.
  • Conversations may sound muffled, and it may become extremely difficult to hear people speaking in crowds.
  • Individuals who have had long exposure to environmental noise such as loud music, construction work, or firearms are more prone to being affected by Presbycusis in their old age.
  • Presbycusis symptoms can also be a heredity condition and in these individuals, the hearing loss can occur at an early age.
  • Diet and dietary conditions such as diabetes have also been linked to Presbycusis.
  • Smoking also plays a prominent role in Presbycusis.
  • Frequent use of aspirin and other over-the-counter drugs also seem to affect the onset of Presbycusis.

Let the experts at Bravo Hearing Centre inform you about the causes and symptoms of Presbycusis.

Symptoms Of Presbycusis

  • Hearing loss – usually the same in both ears
  • Others’ speech sounds mumbled or slurred
  • It’s hard to distinguish high-pitched sounds, such as “s” or “th”
  • Conversations are difficult to understand, particularly when there is background noise
  • Men’s voices are easier to hear than women’s
  • Some sounds seem overly loud and annoying
  • There may be ringing in one or both ears

However, each individual may experience symptoms differently. Consult the experts at Bravo Hearing Centre for an early diagnosis so that your old age is not a time of silent suffering.

To find out how we can help alleviate problems associated with age related hearing loss and Presbycusis, call 416-207-9711 or simply Contact Us.

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