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Phonak Hearing Aids

With tag lines like “A Phonak for Everyone”, you know that the goal of Phonak Hearing Aids is to create hearing instruments that fit your life, instead of the other way around.

But it’s easy to write a slogan, and difficult to find a company that lives up to theirs. Phonak is one of those companies.

If you learn anything about Phonak, it is that, instead of just promoting the benefits of their products, they encourage you to visit a local hearing instrument specialist and get tested. Why? Because the circumstances around hearing loss can be quite different between two people suffering similar impairments and those differences need to be taken into account before choosing the type of hearing aid.

It means that a device that might suit someone else’s needs may not do the same for you, even if you both suffer the same or similar issues. Phonak wants you to know that they manufacturer hearing aids that work for your circumstances, not just your type of impairment.

Below are a few examples of Phonak Hearing Aids specifically designed for different lifestyles and needs:

  • Water Resistant – If you’re a hearing aid wearer, you know the problems that simple things like an unexpected rain shower, bathing your dog or getting splashed at a pool party can cause. Phonak features a full range of water resistant devices, including Ambra, Solana and Cassia models, that let wearers enjoy those unexpected moments.
  • Pediatric Options – Sadly, hearing impairment is more common in children than most people realize. Phonak offers pediatric solutions for children of all ages and types of hearing loss so wearers can enjoy a normal childhood.
  • Virtually Invisible Devices – There is often a stigma associated with wearing a hearing aid that is obvious to everyone. Wearers don’t want to be treated differently due to their condition, but a large device makes it difficult to hide. The Phonak Ambra nano is a custom-made hearing aid that fits in the ear canal to remain virtually invisible.

Choosing A Phonak Hearing Aid

Your best option is to take Phonak’s advice and consult a hearing instrument specialist like those at Bravo Hearing Centre who will help you learn more about Phonak hearing aids and choose the right one for you.

Experience the difference Bravo’s award winning (Etobicoke’s Best Hearing Services Award) services can make.

  • Audiometric hearing testing to identify your needs
  • Expert evaluations of your test results
  • A full range of top quality hearing aids and other assistive listening devices like personal FM systems, alerting devices, portable personal amplifiers, voice carry over telephones and TTY/TDD devices improve your comfort and convenience

Call 416-207-9711 today and speak with our specialists to learn more!

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