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Misconceptions About People with Hearing Loss

Misconceptions About People with Hearing LossMisconceptions About People with Hearing Loss

Did you know that over 1.5 billion people worldwide experience hearing loss? Unfortunately, despite so many people having issues with their hearing, many myths and misconceptions about hearing loss create a lot of stigmas around this condition. This makes those affected worry about making their condition known.

Debunking these myths is the best way to put them at rest. Let’s expose some of these misconceptions about hearing loss and demolish the stigma.

Everyone With Hearing Loss Uses Sign Language and Reads Lips

Not all people with hearing problems use sign language and read lips. People with mild hearing loss or those who use hearing aids may not need to use sign language. Therefore, don’t expect that all people with hearing loss can read your lips or understand any sign language you use.

Talking Louder Will Help a Person with Hearing Loss Understand

You don’t have to yell at a person with hearing loss for them to understand you. Someone may have severe hearing loss and cannot hear you, no matter how loud you are.

Additionally, you will not know whether the volume you use to talk to them is adequate. If the individual you are speaking with reads lips, talking loudly can make it difficult for them to understand.

Hearing Aids Restore Hearing

Unlike eyeglasses, there is no guarantee that hearing aids will correct your hearing loss. The effect that hearing aids have on someone’s hearing ability depends on their deafness level when they started using them and their hearing history. They are a reliable form of treatment but are not used to cure the condition.

People With Hearing Loss Tend to Be Older Adults

Hearing loss is a common age-related condition. However, this does not mean that only the elderly have hearing issues. In fact, only a third of all people with hearing problems are over 65. Some people are born deaf, while others may experience hearing loss due to illness. Assuming that only older adults have hearing loss can make you ignore your hearing loss problems if you are younger.

It’s Okay to Say, “It’s Not Important,” or “I’ll Tell You Later.” When Someone Misses Something

People with hearing loss feel frustrated when they cannot clearly perceive all sounds around them. They get even more discouraged when you make them feel that something you were trying to tell them but they missed was not that important. When talking to someone with a hearing loss, ensure that your words are clear to make communication easier.

People With Hearing Loss Are Rude

Although people with hearing loss problems are accused of being rude by those who are unaware of their condition, they are often victims of circumstances. For instance, someone may appear rude if they speak when somebody else is still talking because they didn’t hear them.

People With Hearing Loss Mostly Hang Out with Other People with Hearing Loss

As the adage goes, birds of a feather flock together. Therefore, you may assume that someone with hearing loss prefers spending time with others who experience it. While this may be the case for some, many individuals enjoy spending time with family members and friends with normal hearing abilities as well.

Managing Hearing Loss is Expensive

Hearing loss is one of the most affordable disabilities to manage. The only major expense is hearing aids if needed. You can consult a hearing loss specialist for price estimates and advice as needed.

We Are Here to Care for Your Hearing Loss

The stigma caused by the myths and stereotypes surrounding hearing loss should not stop you from getting help for your hearing problems. Contact the specialists at Bravo Hearing Center today. Our professional staff can offer you various solutions to manage your hearing problems.

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