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Managing Hearing Loss in the Workplace

From Your Leading Toronto Hearing Clinic

Untreated hearing loss can affect several aspects of your life, relationally, socially, and financially. There is no reason that you cannot live life to the fullest including close relationships, a busy social life, and a flourishing career. For many, a typical workday is exhausting because of having to focus so hard to listen and understand what other people are saying. One way to help your day run smoother is by managing hearing loss difficulties at your workplace.

Managing Hearing Loss in the Workplace

A visit to Bravo Hearing Centre and some simple suggestions can help you take back control of your hearing and your livelihood.

Suggestions for Managing Your Hearing Loss at Work

Enjoy better relationships with co-workers and managers when you follow these suggestions:

  • Be open and honest about your hearing loss – Most people do not understand how impaired hearing affects an individual. Assumptions can easily be made, and feelings hurt. Encourage your co-workers to ask questions and keep a sense of humour. Be approachable.
  • Give your team mates some practical steps to work with – A few easy tips they can start with include:
    • Sending an email instead of making a phone call
    • Keep their mouths clear of obstructions when speaking to you
    • Let them know which ear is your “good ear”

Meetings may require more preparation. Rooms in an office can be large, and trying to take notes and keep up with the speaker can drain you. Consider these tips for getting more from your meetings:

  • If possible, request that meetings be held in a room with a roundtable. This makes lip reading easier.
  • Ask for a written agenda ahead of time to make it less challenging to keep up.
  • Make sure your hearing aids are fully charged, so you do not miss anything while fiddling with the battery.
  • Request a simple system to let you know who the speaker is, such as raising their hand.
  • Utilize a whiteboard during brainstorming sessions.
  • Ask someone to share their notes after a meeting so you can focus on the people speaking.

It is okay to be politely assertive and ask for help so you can be the best employee possible while working within your limitations.

Manage Your Hearing Loss with a Visit to a Leading Toronto Hearing Centre

Toronto Hearing Centre

Make sure you’re taking advantage of the latest innovations in hearing aid technology. Every year manufacturers improve their hearing aids with new designs and features such as faster processors, better directional microphones and new sound cleaning algorithms which could make a big difference in your hearing ability. Now could be a good time to upgrade your current hearing aids to a new model. Ask us about a 90-day trial on the latest in hearing aid technology and hear the difference it can make.

Take back the reins of your career when you work with your teammates and supervisors, be honest about your hearing, and educate others. If you are experiencing hearing loss, visit the specialists at the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto to discover your options.

Call Bravo Hearing Centre at 647-694-4626 to schedule your hearing test and arrange a complimentary consultation at your earliest convenience. You can also book a free consultation online.

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