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Excessive Use Of iPods Can Result In Hearing Impairment

Did you know that earphones and headphones can lead to permanent hearing loss? This can be perturbing considering that we are raising an iPod generation where pumping up the volume with earphones is synonymous with enjoyment and fun.

That is not to say that kids, teenagers and people of all ages should put aside their iPods and portable music devices. Volume and length of use play a part in whether or not your hearing will be affected. Here are some important findings that you should pay attention to.

How Loud Is Too loud?

  • Hearing specialists will tell you that if you can hear the music or broadcast that your child or teen is listening to, ask them to tone it down. Prolonged use at these levels can cause permanent damage.
  • Hearing loss is frequently associated with/linked to aging, and young people may feel that they are immune to such concerns. However, hearing loss can impede or nullify many of life’s pleasures and may lead to mood swings and perhaps depression for people of all ages. Once again, education about the possibilities and probabilities of hearing loss, as well as the potential consequences, would be in order.
  • Young people are more vulnerable to hearing loss due to their excessive use of listening to music on high volume. The Journal of Pediatrics says that 2.5 percent of kids between the ages of 6 and 19 suffer from loss of hearing as a result of using ear phones turned to a high volume.
  • According to the CDC (the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta, Georgia), exposure to sound greater than 85 decibels for an extended period (eight hours or more) can result hearing loss or impairment.

What To Do If Your Hearing Is Affected?

If you recognize or suspect the common signs of hearing loss, such as constantly raising the volume on a television or radio, routinely asking others to repeat themselves, or an inability to hear someone speaking on the phone, book a hearing test. This is the only way to find out if you have a problem and get help to prevent it from getting worse.

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