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Industrial Earplugs

Extended exposure to loud machinery and tools used in industrial operations can damage your hearing. Even short exposure to sounds of over 90 decibels can affect your hearing. If you work in a high-noise environment, Bravo Hearing Centre has a variety of hearing protection options you can use to protect your hearing.

Solid Earplugs

industrial-solidWith a custom fit for your ears, Bravo Hearing Centre’s solid earplugs give superior hearing protection in a variety of occupational and recreational situations. The handy coed option lets users easily place the plugs around their necks when not in use. Our solid earplugs are also available with an “L” shaped handle for easy removal.

High Frequency Noise Filter

industrial-highfreqThe Hocks Noise Brake® filters all incoming sounds and adjusts them to an appropriate speech level. Most hearing protection blocks sounds by sealing off your ear. The Noise Brake does its job while letting air and sound through safely and effectively.

The result? You can communicate freely and hear the other sounds you need to hear.

Sonic Valve Earplug

industrial-sonicBravo Hearing Centre’s Sonic Valve Earplug gives you comfortable hearing protection in a variety of environments. It will take the hurtful sting from gun blasts and reduce loud music’s “noise hangover”.

The Sonic valve is not a solid earplug, so you can hear subtle conversational sounds while still enjoying protection from higher level noises. A wide variety of professions, from law enforcement and airplane pilots, to race car drivers and industrial workers, can enjoy protection for their inner ear from the Sonic Valve Earplug.

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