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How Widex PureSound Brings You Closer to Natural Hearing

Widex PureSound hearing aidsHow Widex PureSound Brings You Closer to Natural Hearing

Hearing aids are designed to make life easier for people with different levels of hearing loss. Unfortunately, among the people who could or have already benefited from hearing aids, about 20% of them don’t wear them.

The most commonly heard reason for not wearing hearing aids is that they feel unnatural. Having understood this, Widex developed the Widex PureSound hearing aid. These devices have helped to move hearing aids from their owners’ drawers to their ears by offering a comfortable, natural sound.

What Is Widex PureSound?

Widex PureSound is the natural sound that hearing aid wearers get when wearing Widex hearing aids. The comfort in these hearing aids is made possible by the ZeroDelay technology that enables faster sound processing in hearing aids.

Widex PureSound and the Widex Zerodelay Technology

The Widex ZeroDelay technology helps hearing aid wearers overcome one of the greatest hearing aid challenges: unnatural sound. This is often caused by hearing aids with open or vented fittings. Unfortunately, these fittings end up causing the comb-filter effect, making sounds seem unnatural.

Widex hearing aids use Widex ZeroDelay Technology to curb the comb-filter effect. This technology enables faster sound transfer through the hearing aids, thus providing more natural hearing.

Hearing aids without the ZeroDelay technology transfer sound in about 6.5 milliseconds. The Widex hearing aids that feature ZeroDelay are almost ten times faster than other digital hearing aids as it processes at 0.5 milliseconds.

Comb-Filter Effect

The comb-filter effect is the unnatural effect heard in the ears of hearing aid wearers. This effect happens when there is a delayed difference between sound coming from the outside into the ear canal and the sound coming in through the hearing aid. The result is a timing mismatch due to a delay, called the comb-filter effect.

Unrivalled Spatial Perception Delivers a Unique Natural Sound

Research conducted among hearing aid wearers showed many agree that Widex hearing aids with PureSound technology offer a more transparent sound than any other hearing aids they have used. The sound is clear enough to enable you to perceive information about your environment that you may not be able to otherwise.

The comb-filter effect can also distort the original sound, making it impossible to perceive it accurately. The sound processed by Widex PureSound hearing aids is made as natural as possible through their ZeroDelay and spatial perception technology.

The Best Hearing Aid Even in a Noisy Environment

A study was done using participants with hearing loss and others without hearing problems, and they both preferred using Widex’s PureSound technology when evaluating the overall sound experience. PureSound also took the lead in speech interpretation when in noisy environments.

Their ability to localize sound and make it seem more natural enables users to enjoy their hearing experience even when in a noisy environment.

We Dispense a Wide Range of Widex Hearing Aids in Canada

If you are looking for Widex hearing aids in Canada, Bravo Hearing Centre can help. We have a wide variety of hearing aids and accessories that can help you manage your hearing health. If you or your loved one is experiencing hearing difficulties, contact Bravo Hearing Centre today or book an appointment for a hearing test.

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