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Do I Need Two Hearing Aids or Will One Be Fine?

Hearing Aids in TorontoDo I Need Two Hearing Aids or Will One Be Fine?

When you find out that you need hearing aids, you may be tempted to only purchase one in an attempt to cut down on costs. You may assume that as long as your “dominant” ear has a hearing aid that you will be fine. This isn’t the case. Unless you only experience hearing loss in one ear, it is important to get a hearing aid for both ears. This is due to a variety of factors.

  • Reduce Stress and Fatigue – When you hear, your ears and brain are both working together to interpret the sounds. To help determine where the sound is coming from, help filter background noise and allow you to hear conversations clearly, your brain relies on input from each ear. If you only have one hearing aid, your brain will only be receiving these signals from one ear. This can make the signals less clear and require more concentration to hear properly. This extra concentration can lead to fatigue and stress.
  • Prevent Long Term Damage – Those who decide to use just one hearing aid will not only experience worse hearing over the short term, but they may also cause damage to their ability to hear over the long term. This is because if the brain is only receiving clear signals from one ear, it can shut down the input from the other ear. The auditory nerve can then begin to deteriorate further, worsening your hearing.
  • Experience the Benefits of Modern Hearing Aids – Today’s hearing aids have powerful features to help you hear better. However, many of these features will only work if you are using two hearing aids. This is because the devices communicate with each other wirelessly to help enhance sounds and determine location around you.

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To ensure you can hear your best and prevent any further damage, the right choice when it comes to purchasing hearing aids is to get two. The hearing specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Etobicoke can help you decide which devices are best for you and provide you with services, support and recommendations tailored to your individual needs. We provide professional hearing tests and offer a wide selection of products to help ensure you can find the one that’s right for you.

To learn more about the services offered at Bravo Hearing Centre, please visit our hearing services page or contact us at 647-694-4626.

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