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Conductive Hearing Loss

ear-ringingIn contrast to sensorineural hearing loss, conductive hearing loss can be very often treated medically and, when medical treatment isn’t possible, hearing aids and instruments can help reduce the symptoms of the hearing impairment.

Conductive hearing loss refers to hearing impairment due to sound not being conducted properly from the outer ear canal to the ear drum and ossicles (tiny bones) of the middle ear. A simple blockage of the ear canal, like a build-up of wax, can cause conductive hearing loss.

Causes Of Conductive Hearing Loss

There are a number of conditions that can block sound from travelling properly through the ear:

  • Cerumen (wax) Build-up – Excessive wax that is either not removed or impacted, by the use of cotton-tipped applicators or hearing aid devices, can cause a number of ear and hearing issues, including pain in the ear, tinnitus, vertigo and itching in the ear.
  • Ear Infections – Ear infections happen when the middle ear – the small area behind the ear drum – becomes inflamed. Known scientifically as otitis media, ear infections can hinder the passage of sound. Infections of the ear canal are known as otitis externa.
  • Trauma – A blow to the head; damage from a cotton swab or other object thrust into the ear, or extremely loud noises, like explosions, can damage the eardrum, tympanic membrane or ossicles.

Again, compared to sensorineural hearing loss, conductive loss responds well to medical treatment that removes or repairs the blockage. Also, in most cases where medical treatment isn’t possible, hearing aids can help amplify or clarify sound to the point where the sufferer no longer notices a hearing loss.

Conductive Hearing Loss Tests

If you’ve noticed a change in your hearing and have difficulty hearing properly in some situations, you may be suffering from long-term hearing loss. The best way to determine if you have suffered a hearing impairment and, if so, to learn about the actions you should take and best treatments, is to consult a hearing specialist as soon as possible in order to conduct a hearing loss test.

Experience the difference our award winning (Etobicoke’s Best Hearing Services Award) services can make.

  • Audiometric hearing testing to identify your needs
  • Expert evaluations of your test results
  • A full range of top quality hearing aids and other Assistive listening devices like personal FM systems, alerting devices, portable personal amplifiers, voice carry over telephones and TTY/TDD devices improve your comfort and convenience

Learn more about conductive hearing loss from the experts. Contact Bravo Hearing Centre today at 416-207-9711 or Contact Us.

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