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Bernafon Hearing Aids Technology

Bernafon Hearing Aids TechnologyBernafon Hearing Aids

Although Bernafon started from a humble background in 1946, it has managed to be one of the best manufacturers of hearing aids. Thanks to Swiss innovation and great technology, they have maintained their mission of minimizing the ramification caused by hearing loss.

These hearing aids have good qualities like comfort, ease of use, ergonomics, and durability to help ease the life of people with hearing problems. Moreover, they offer additional benefits like wireless connectivity between the hearing aids and your mobile phone or TV, among other devices.

Continue reading to learn more information about Bernafon hearing aids and understand why you should ask for these in your next hearing test clinic visit.

Bernafon Sound Strategy

Bernafon uses a special sound strategy called DECS to enable better hearing through their devices. This strategy is different from what is used by most brands which rely on sound classification for specific situations.

While this, too, helps enable hearing, it isn’t reliable since the world is made up of so many more sounds than they can classify. Through the DECS strategy, Bernafon hearing aids frequently change the listening environment instead of the hard classification boundaries.

With this, the user always has seamless and dynamic amplification regardless of their environment. These constant changes are generally the hearing aids’ best ability.

Wireless Connectivity

Bernafon hearing aids have wireless connectivity, allowing users to enjoy direct-to-ear streaming. When you put on the hearing aids, you will not need any intermediate between you and the sound-producing device.

This is made possible by a powerful and super-fast Viron chip in the hearing aid. The chip includes NFMI ear-to-ear technology and smart dual-radio technology with a processor speed of 2.4GHz.

Premium Features

Bernafon offers expert hearing solutions with premium features that improve hearing in ways other models can’t. For instance, they have a Frequency Composition feature that delivers high-frequency sounds even if there is no hearing at all.

Additionally, they have a Dynamic Range Extender that controls loud sounds captured by the hearing aids to ensure they are undistorted and clear. They also have an Adaptation Manager that helps you get accustomed to hearing aids when new to them.

Levels of Technology

Bernafon hearing aids have three levels of technology in the Viron range called the 5, the 7 and the 9. These technologies have similar features but differ in the number of channels and amount of customization. Here is more explanation of these levels.

Continuous Environment Detection

This technology enables the system to analyze the surrounding environment at high speed and perception continuously.

Dynamic Noise Management

This technology, also called DMN, continuously reduces the noise received through the hearing aids without touching the speech signal.

Dynamic Amplification Control

The Dynamic Amplification Control or DAC analyses the speech in the noise signal and passes it to the speech processor. This is done carefully and continuously.

Dynamic Speech Processing

This technology amplifies the signal based on the dynamic environment information from the Dynamic Amplification Control.

Bernafon Alpha Hearing Aids 

The latest hearing aid range from Bernafon is Alpha, released in January 2021. This range has a new chipset that provides fast sound processing and detection for more precise information about the environment when using these hearing aids.

The hearing aids are a hybrid of the More from Oticon and the New Demant Hardware. The combination enables them to process more than they can individually and propels four hybrid processing blocks to offer better hearing.

Four Hybrid Technologies

The Alpha hearing aids are the first devices from Bernafon to use a hybrid technology, which has produced an outstanding performance. The hybrid blocks used are:

Hybrid Balancing

  • Perfect attenuation of speech in solely and noisy situations
  • Balanced and personalized listening comfort and speech audibility.

Hybrid Noise Management

  • Optimized smart noise reduction
  • Smart directionality and Smart noise reduction

Hybrid Sound Processing

  • Parallel sound processing in the frequency and time domains
  • Phonemic broadband compression in real-time is combined with high-precision compression in 24 frequency bands.

Hybrid Feedback Canceller

  • A beneficial target match due to higher feedback threshold
  • Combines spectral-temporal modulation and phase cancellation to eliminate feedback
  • Higher fitting range and a more beneficial target match

Alpha Rechargeable Hearing Aids

The alpha hearing aids are only available in the rechargeable Receiver in The Ear Model.

We Offer the Bernafon Hearing Aids That Best Suit Your Needs

At Bravo Hearing, you can get the Bernafon hearing aids that best match your hearing concerns. You can also get a hearing test, which will allow our specialists to select the best hearing solutions. For more information on the services and products offered at Bravo Hearing Center or to book an appointment, please contact us or visit our hearing services page.

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