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5 Tips To Take Care of Your Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids TorontoHearing aids are an investment. Taking proper care of them will enable you to get maximum use out of them without the hassle of frequent repairs or untimely replacement.

Here are 5 tips to help take care of your hearing aids easily.

  • Make sure your fingers and hands are clean when you are handling them. If you have oily skin it is preferable to use a tissue to hold them. Also keep powdered body products, makeup and aerosols including deodorants and hair sprays away from them.
  • Keep them dry as high humidity can cause damage. Don’t wear them in the shower, when swimming or even when you are exercising. Also avoid keeping them in places that are humid or moist. Ensure your ear canal is dry before you put them on.
  • Clean out ear wax regularly. This can clog your hearing aids and reduce their functionality as well as their lifespan. You may choose to buy wax guards as a precaution.
  • Take care of the battery. Switch it off when not in use for long periods (like at night) to extend life. Also leave the battery enclosure open at this time. Refrain from switching it on and off at multiple times during the day as this can cause damage.
  • Store them safely in a case. This will prevent dirt from getting into them. Also keep them in a dry place and away from children and pets.

After your hearing test is done, your audiologist will explain your options and how to take care of your hearing aids. Caring for your device is not difficult. All you have to do is establish a routine and do it correctly right from the beginning. Get them checked periodically to ensure proper function.

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