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What Should I Do If My Hearing Aid Is Damaged?

What Should I Do If My Hearing Aid Is Damaged?Hearing Aids

Hearing aids are technological medical devices designed to last. They contain sophisticated parts, each performing advanced functions simultaneously to facilitate hearing. With continuous use, even top hearing aids from companies such as Phonak, Oticon, Signia, Starkey, Widex, Unitron or Bernafon may develop problems due to wear and tear, necessitating repair. Fortunately, most hearing aids have a manufacturer’s warranty and loss and damage policies that cover repairs, helping you to cover the cost of a repair. Before you bring it in, you can also try the following options if your hearing aids malfunction.


Troubleshooting is the first diagnostic measure that helps users to identify minor problems in the hearing aid. This step essentially checks various functional components of the aid, looking to eliminate malfunctioning. Professionals recommend that you take your hearing aids for a checkup immediately after you start noticing problems. However, before rushing to your Toronto specialist, the troubleshooting guide below can help in identifying problems and potentially solve minor issues.

  • Confirm the Hearing Aid Is On – Though simple, you should confirm that the device is turned on by fully closing the battery door, especially if you aren’t used to using your hearing aids. If you have a re-chargeable hearing aid, make sure you gave it a full charge (usually 3 hours is sufficient for 24 hr use cycle).
  • Increase the Volume – Ensure that the accessory’s volume control is at a good level. You could think you need a repair when the device is just turned down.
  • Check Battery Status – The hearing aid could stop working due to battery issues. The battery could be incorrectly positioned or dead. If the battery is depleted, insert a new one.
  • Inspect the Tubing and Receiver Status for Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid Models – The tubing becomes worn out or damaged with continuous use or blocked with wax and should be inspected frequently for signs of breakage or wear and tear. Where applicable inspect and change the wax guard or dome which may become plugged with wax from the ear canal. Consult a hearing professional for quick fixing if there are signs of damage.


Despite their small size, hearing aids are sensitive and a significant investment for those with hearing deficiencies. As such, ensure that you look after them cautiously. Always observe the maintenance procedures outlined by your hearing professional during purchase. You can also search for instructional videos detailing how to maintain hearing aids. Identifying essential hearing aid maintenance accessories and how they work is also beneficial.

Key maintenance tips include ensuring that your hearing aids are clean and dry. Excessive earwax can block the receiver and microphone, causing malfunctions. Make sure you know how to use the provided hearing aid cleaning tools, how to change wax guards on as needed basis and ask about a dry-aid-kit, a hearing aid drier which helps to prevent moisture related issues.


Repairing is the only option for damaged hearing aids. Modern hearing devices feature intricate circuitry that you shouldn’t attempt repairing on your own. For repairs, bring your device to your hearing aid centre for servicing.

New hearing aids usually come with 2 to 3-year warranty. They may also have loss and damage policy protecting your form accidental loss or damage beyond repair. You can also repair them outside the warranty with additional cost applied. Most manufacturers will not repair hearing aids passed 5 years old. This is the time when you would consider a new replacement.

Purchase and Service Your Hearing Aids at Bravo Hearing Centre

Despite your best and diligent efforts, all aids need repair at some point. If troubleshooting fails, consult a healthcare professional for advanced checks and repairs. The practitioner may undertake the repairs in-house or send the devices back to the manufacturer. They will also explain if there are additional costs not covered under your warranty. To schedule an appointment for hearing aid service, please contact us at 647-694-4626.

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