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Tips for Keeping Your Ears and Hearing Aids Clean

Proper Cleaning of Your Hearing Aids Can Help Maintain a Better Quality of Life

Tips for Keeping Your Ears and Hearing Aids CleanIt is a commonly accepted fact that different types of mechanical and electronic devices tend to work much better if they are maintained in good working order.  Mobile phones, tablets, furnaces and air conditioners, and musical wind instruments are but a few pieces of equipment used in daily life that must be kept clean and protected from outside forces in order to perform at their respective optimal levels.

Wearing Hearing AidsHearing aids are further examples of devices/instruments that play very important roles in the daily lives of many people throughout the Greater Toronto Area. As such, keeping their hearing aids in the best condition possible is vital in providing a better quality of life in terms of appreciating their conversations, leisure activities, social functions, and more.

Thus, a vast majority of hearing aid wearers will dedicate an appropriate amount of time to cleaning their hearings aids. However, this is only part of the answer, so to speak, for it is not just their hearing aids that should be kept clean but their ears too.  Here are the main reasons why hearing aid users must pay close attention to their ears, as suggested by the specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre, one of the leading hearing clinics in Toronto:

Why Ear Cleaning is Important for People Wearing Hearing Aids

  • To prevent or minimize the overall risk of contracting ear infections
  • To remove non-wax debris that accumulates from insertion of hearing aids
  • To prevent ear wax from becoming impacted in ear canals by the hearing aids

Additionally, hearing aids can be predisposed to dirt and debris by nature of the fact that most wearers will manually insert and remove their devices on a routine/daily basis; this exposure to foreign substances necessitates an appropriate cleaning of their hearing aids to ensure the following:

The Benefits of Proper and Routine Cleaning of Hearing Aids

  • Prolong the life of the hearing aids
  • Keep sound quality at optimal levels
  • Minimize hearing aid dysfunction or failure
  • Prevent unnecessary repair or replacement costs
  • Avoid temporary inconvenience (hearing aids not available)

To that end, the professionals from a hearing centre such as the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto offer the following tips on how to suitably clean and maintain one’s hearing aids:

Tips on How to Clean Hearing Aids

  • Be diligent in terms of cleaning hearing aids on a daily basis
  • Use a special brush or a soft cloth to remove wax/dirt build-up
  • Refrain from using water or any other type of wet cleaning agent
  • In addition to hearing aid surfaces, clean the battery compartment
  • Store hearing aids in a humidifier overnight with battery doors open
  • Clean hearing aids in the morning – wax should be dry/easier to remove
  • Pay close attention to microphone ports and programming/volume controls

In addition to providing many personal and lifestyle benefits, hearings aids can represent a rather substantial financial investment; by cleaning their ears and their hearing aids in tandem, residents of Toronto who use these devices are taking care of their health, while also extending the return on the money spent on such an asset.

Ask a Hearing Centre Specialist in Toronto on How to Best Clean Hearing Aids

Hearing aid wearers looking for advice/guidance on how to best clean their hearing aids might want to consult with a hearing aid specialist from the Bravo Hearing Centre, one of the leading hearing clinics in Toronto for over 30 years.

hearing clinics in TorontoBy visiting a hearing centre such as Toronto‘s Bravo Hearing Centre, hearing aid wearers and their family members can learn about routine care and cleaning of hearing aids, and gain insight on ways to keep their ears clean as well. Furthermore, if/when needed, they might also benefit from an annual or semi-annual cleaning of their hearing aids by these trained professionals.

For more information on the hearing aid-related services provided by the specialists from the Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto.

To learn more about how to clean your hearing aids, call the hearing aid specialists from one of the leading clinics in Toronto, Bravo Hearing Centre, at 416-207-9711 today or contact us to schedule a consultation.

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