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New Rechargeable Hearing Aid from Phonak

A New Rechargeable Hearing Aid with Built-In Lithium-Ion Battery Technology

Audeo B R Hearing AidsAlthough hearing aids cannot and do not restore normal functioning of the ears for those individuals with hearing impairment, these devices can certainly offer significant benefits relative to hearing improvement. A vast majority of wearers will undoubtedly agree that their hearing aids have helped to restore/revitalize their quality of life with respect to:

  • Enrichment of sound quality
  • Reduction in overall listening effort
  • Better speech clarity and understanding
  • Improved ability to hear in noisy environments

On the not-so-positive side of the ledger, a common refrain/complaint from these same people revolves around hearing aids batteries, specifically their frustration with having to purchase and change them on a regular basis; this concern becomes magnified when the hearing aid wearer has limited vision and/or limited manual dexterity.

A resolution to these batteries issues, without compromising any of the hearing benefits noted above, might now be available through the introduction of the Phonak Audeo B-R rechargeable hearing aid. The Audeo B-R model contains a built-in lithium-ion battery that is capable of providing 24 hours of hearing with a single charge; this rechargeability could be the differential factor in hearing aid selection for both first-time wearers as well as those who are currently using another model, as it leads to a number of advantages:

  • Full-day use (24 hours)
  • Quickest charging time
  • No battery deterioration
  • Smart charging options:
    • Hard case – including drying kit and cleaning tool
    • Mini charger – the most compact charging option
    • Power Pack – portable attachment for hard cases
  • Easy and limited handling
  • No battery disposal hassles

Audeo B R save batteries The Phonak Audeo B-R lithium-ion rechargeable hearing aid combines superior hearing performance with breakthrough battery technology. And from the standpoint of personal preferences for the wearer/user, it is offered in a wide selection of colour options as well.

To learn more about the new Phonak Audeo B-R and its lithium-ion battery technology, go to Phonak’s Website or call Bravo Hearing Centre at 416-207-9711 to speak with a hearing specialist.

A Complete Range of Hearing Services for New and Current Hearing Aid Users

The hearing aids specialists at Bravo Hearing Centre in Toronto provide a complete range of services for individuals with varying degrees of hearing loss; these services include:

Audeo BR Rechargeable Hearing Aids

  • Hearing tests
  • Hearing aid sales
  • Hearing aid evaluations
  • Dispensing and follow-up
  • Aural rehabilitation services
  • Patient and family counseling
  • Hearing aid adjustments/minor repairs

All of these services and more are available to new/first-time hearing aid users as well as those who currently wear such devices.

For further information on the full scope of hearing services offered by the professionals at Bravo Hearing Centre, please visit our Hearing Services Page or call 416-207-9711 today to book a complimentary consultation at your convenience.

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