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Invisible Hearing Aids

Invisible hearing aids solve two huge problems. The most obvious is that they help people to hear better. While that is a huge benefit, it’s the second solution that might be most important.

Many people who suffer hearing loss are reluctant to use conventional hearing aids because of the device’s size, which they feel will draw attention to the fact that they have a disability or are getting older.

Many invisible hearing aids are so unobtrusive to wearers, they can forget they’re wearing one. While they are not really “invisible”, they sit completely unseen inside the ear canal.

So even people who don’t want to be seen wearing hearing instruments can do so with confidence.

Types Of Invisible Hearing Aids

prd-iic2Invisible-In-Canal (IIC): The only device that is 100% invisible when worn, IICs are designed to fit in the second bend of the ear canal which means they cannot be seen from outside the ear. Many IIC instruments must be removed and replaced daily, but there are some extended-wear models on the market.


prd_cicCompletely-In-Canal (CIC): While they do not fit as deeply in the ear as IICs, CIC instruments are still virtually invisible.



prd_microbteReceiver-In-Canal (RIC): Not everyone’s type of hearing loss can be addressed by IIC and CIC devices. If increased functionality, like volume control, is required, then a RIC instrument can provide it while still remaining nearly undetectable to the casual observer. RICs are very small and light with the main part of the device resting unseen behind the ear. Thin plastic tubing runs from the device into the ear canal to deliver sound.

To learn more about invisible hearing aids and find the best one for your needs, call Bravo Hearing Centre today at 416-207-9711 or contact us.

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