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Hearing Protection For Effective Noise Reduction

The risk of noise-induced hearing loss (NHL) and swimmer’s ear can be reduced by wearing appropriate hearing protection.

NHL is a preventable disorder that results from prolonged exposure to high intensity sound. It can affect people of all ages and demographics. Studies reveal that individuals who work in places with hazardous noise levels are at particularly high risk, as are youth with continuous exposure to loud music. Professions typically associated with occupational NHL include musicians, construction, aviation, manufacturing, military, transportation and mining.

Swimmer’s ear is a bacterial or fungal infection normally caused by excessive water entering the ear canal either while swimming or bathing.

Bravo Hearing Centre offers the latest in hearing protection. Our hearing specialists combine their industry expertise and new generation technology to provide the best hearing healthcare available. Our outstanding services and personalized attention earned us Etobicoke’s Best Hearing Services Award and we go the extra mile to maintain those high standards.

If you are constantly exposed to high levels of noise or prone to swimmer’s ear and ear infections, we can set you up with the right device to maintain good hearing health. Book a hearing test online.

Hearing Protection Devices With Comfortable Custom Fit

Effective hearing protection not only involves finding an appropriate instrument but also having it properly fitted. Bravo Hearing Centre provides personalized attention and service. Our hearing specialists apply their expert skills to deliver enhanced hearing protection and personal comfort. We will determine the best fit for your needs and budget.

Custom Fit Hearing Protection Products:

  • Musician’s earplugs
  • Custom industrial noise protection
  • Custom swim plugs
  • Custom sleep plugs
  • Hunter’s earplugs
  • Motorcycle earplugs

Call 416-207-9711 to schedule an appointment for top-of-the-line hearing protection. Experience the Bravo difference!

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