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Commonly Asked Questions About Hearing Aid Batteries

Commonly Asked Questions About Hearing Aid BatteriesHearing Aid Batteries

Hearing aid technology has taken huge strides, making hearing aids more advanced and handier for people with hearing needs. Technically, hearing aids are like tiny computers sitting behind or inside your ears, and like other computers, they need power to function. Therefore, hearing aid batteries are the heartbeat of the hearing aids — if they aren’t working, your hearing aids won’t work.

At Bravo Hearing Centre, we understand that even the best hearing aids are of little use without reliable batteries. Therefore, we have answered some commonly asked questions below about hearing aid batteries to help you maintain them and extend their life.

Dive in for these answers, tips, and tricks for hearing aid battery care.

7 Questions About Hearing Aid Batteries Answered

How Long Do Hearing Aid Batteries Last?

Hearing aid battery life varies based on the battery type and size, type of hearing aid, how long you wear them, and more. Standard batteries last between 3 to 22 days, with invisible hearing aids having the shortest life span.

How Do I Know if I Should Change the Batteries?

Waiting until your batteries are completely exhausted to replace them puts you at risk of losing power when you least expect it. To avoid this, switch the batteries for new ones as soon as you see these signs.

  • You have to turn up the hearing aid volume more than usual
  • There is a low-battery beep coming from the hearing aid
  • The sound coming in through the hearing aids is distorted

Stay safe by always carrying an extra set of batteries. Keep the extra set of batteries away from metallic objects like coins or keys, as this could drain them.

I Mixed Up My Batteries, How Can I Tell Which One is New and Which One is Old?

You can tell between old and new batteries by checking how they react when you bounce them on a counter. To do this, gently drop the mixed-up batteries on a bathroom or kitchen counter. The new batteries will settle without rolling away, while the old batteries will bounce and roll away.

Why is There a Seal on Hearing Aid Batteries?

The seal on hearing aid batteries is a protective seal that keeps them from losing power. Be careful not to remove the seal until you are ready to use the batteries, as they will begin to discharge and may be exhausted when you are ready to use them.

What Can I Do to Minimize Battery Drain?

You can minimize hearing aid battery drain by:

  • Allow the batteries some activation time before installing them in your hearing aids. Allowing activation time means letting the batteries sit for about five minutes after removing the protective seal. This activates the batteries by allowing air into their inside parts.
  • Turn off the hearing aid and open the battery door when you are not using them. If you are not using the hearing aids for a long time, remove the batteries entirely.
  • Ensure your hands are clean from grease and dirt when changing the batteries. Such debris can clog up the battery air pores, thus affecting their lifetime.
  • Safely store the hearing aid batteries away from extreme temperatures. The batteries should also be stored away from all metal objects, including coins and jewellery. These cause the batteries to drain and have a shorter life.

How to Dispose of Hearing Aid Batteries

It is risky to dispose of hearing aid batteries in the trash as they contain toxic materials that could cause serious repercussions. Your safest options when disposing of hearing aid batteries are:

  • Consult electronic retailers around you on battery recycling programs they may have.
  • Talk to your hearing aid care provider about how to dispose of the hearing aid batteries.
  • Find recycling programs near you through your county offices and use them to dispose of the used batteries.

Where to Buy Hearing Aid Batteries

You can get reliable hearing aid batteries at Bravo Hearing Centre. We have different brands of batteries designed for various types of hearing aids. Reach out today and get the best price on hearing aid batteries.

Tips and Tricks for Hearing Aid Battery Care

Use these tips to better care for your hearing aid batteries

  • Don’t remove the protective seal on the hearing aids until you are ready to use them
  • Leave the battery compartment open when you are not wearing the hearing devices so moisture can escape.
  • Use a hearing aid dehumidifier to absorb moisture.
  • Always check the expiration and manufacturing date on the batteries and use the oldest pack first.

Get the Best Quality Hearing Aids with Long Battery Life

Get in touch with Bravo Hearing Centre for hearing aids from reputable brands with long battery life. You can also talk to our hearing experts to book an online hearing test or ask questions about your hearing aid devices. For more information about our services and solutions, please visit our services page or contact us.

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