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How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Tips to Save You Time and Money

Investing in your auditory health is the first step in enjoying life. With that investment comes the responsibility of maintaining your hearing devices, including keeping them clean and replacing batteries.

How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries
How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries
How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

Nothing is more frustrating than putting in your hearing aid, only to find that the battery has died. Maybe you remember changing out the batteries only a few days ago, and you are already hearing that little, warning beep.

Out of exasperation, you might be asking just how long do batteries in a hearing aid last.

While you can typically expect your battery to last anywhere between 3-22 days, there are a few factors that affect their life:

  • The type of hearing device you use
  • The kind of battery – using cheap ones will not save you money if you have to replace them frequently
  • The environment in which you live – humid vs. dry climate
  • The number of days and hours used

You can take steps to get more hearing mileage for your buck. Get quality batteries and other hearing aid accessories from Bravo Hearing Centre. We stock the four standard sizes including 10, 13, 312, and 675.

How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries
How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries
How to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

6 Tips to Extend the Life of Your Hearing Aid Batteries

  • Leave the tabs on your batteries until you are ready to use them. Those coloured tabs affixed to your batteries are more than size indicators. They are there to stop air flow. Today’s batteries are powered by zinc-air which means they are activated when they come in contact with air. When you remove the tab, you are activating the battery.
  • Keep your batteries out of the refrigerator. Years ago, you may have been able to extend the battery life by keeping them in the fridge. The exact opposite is true today. Room temperature is just fine.
  • Avoid short circuiting your batteries. Storing batteries in your pockets with your keys or coins can cause them to short circuit.
  • Use clean hands when making a change. If you have any grease or dirt on your hands, it will transfer onto your hearing aid battery and may also damage your device.
  • Let your new batteries breathe before putting it in your device. At the very least, let them air out for at least 1 minute; up to 5 minutes is better. This allows for the zinc and air to mix and energize your battery.
  • When it is not in use, turn it off. Place your device in a safe, dry spot with the battery door open. This will minimize drain on the battery and let moisture evaporate. No moisture equals no corrosion and damage. If there will be an extended period of time before your wear your hearing aid, consider taking out the battery completely.

Get More Life Out of Your Batteries

Save money and time when you take these small steps to extend the life of your batteries. Use quality batteries such as what you can pick up at Bravo Hearing Centre. We can help you maintain your hearing aid investment.

Contact the Bravo Hearing Centre experts today to get the help you need. Call us at 647-694-4626 to arrange a consultation at your earliest convenience. You can also book a consultation online.

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