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Audéo Lumity: Learn About the Latest Phonak Hearing Aids

Audéo Lumity: Learn About the Latest Phonak Hearing AidsPhonak Hearing Aids

It is impossible to talk about hearing aid developers without mentioning Phonak. Since its foundation in 1947, Phonak has gone a long way in helping better and improve the lives of people with hearing problems. This is demonstrated through producing Phonak hearing aids with unique features to meet specific needs. 

For instance, in 2017, they introduced the first Audéo B-R, which features a lithium-ion rechargeable battery that enables all-day power. In 2018, they introduced Audéo marvel, a fully Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid. Audéo Lumity is the latest hearing aid from Phonak, and it is also packed with some incredible features that make hearing loss a manageable issue. 

Read on to learn about these Phonak hearing aids and what they offer. 

Phonak Lumity R and R-T Charging Stats

Battery-powered hearing aids have been on the market for a while, most have limitations. For instance, some hearing aids models cannot last the whole day or take too long to charge fully. Fortunately, the Lumity Phonak hearing aids in Toronto have overcome such challenges and have other incredible charging statistics. For instance, it takes three hours to charge the hearing aids fully. 

If your Phonak Lumity hearing aids are out of battery life, but you don’t have the time to charge them for three hours, you can charge them for 30 minutes and get to use them for 6 hours. These batteries are quality and long-lasting; they last up to 6 years without needing to be repalced.

Lumity: Bluetooth Audio + Better Speech Clarity

Phonak hearing aids users can now comfortably enjoy their hearing aids regardless of the background noise. Lumity works like the previous Phonak generation, Paradise, but is even better since it has an added speech sensor and Stereo Zoom 2.0, which work together to give much better speech clarity. 

Additionally, Phonak Lumity offers universal Bluetooth audio streaming. This enables hands-free calls on Android, iPhone smartphones, and other devices connected through Bluetooth.

Key Features of Lumity

These features include:

Stereo Bluetooth streaming

These Phonak hearing aids have two active Bluetooth connections. You can pair a maximum of 8 Bluetooth devices. You can stream from iOS, Android, or Windows devices. 

Tap Controls

Double tapping your Lumity hearing aids gives you access to Siri, Alexa, or Google assistant assistants. Additionally, you can accept or reject calls by double-tapping the hearing aids.

Motion Sensing

Lumity hearing aids have a low-power accelerometer that perceives movements. They automatically adjust the noise cancellation and hearing aid microphone settings to fit the new environment. 

Clearer Speech in Quiet Settings

Phonak added SpeechSensor and StereoZoom 2.0 to the Lumity hearing aids. These features enable the hearing aids users to get clear sounds even when in a noisy background.

Health Tracking 

In addition to enabling better hearing, the Lumity hearing aids better your health in other ways. Through the myPhonak app, you can monitor the distance you run or walk, your heart rate, or your general activity level.

Improved Noise Cancellation

In the previous Phonak product, Paradise, Phonak introduced a spatial noise cancellation system called Dynamic Noise Cancellation.PhonK Lumity improves on this feature and enables the cancellation of spatial noise through the help of directional microphone technology.

PRISM Sound Processing Chip

The PRISM sound processing chip supports and improves on the excellent Bluetooth connectivity. Additionally, it offers more memory space. 

Hands-Free Calling in Stereo

You do not need to get your phone to make a phone call. You can use these hearing aids to make a phone call if you have a Bluetooth-enabled or VOIP service.

TV Streaming 

Bluetooth-enabled TVs can comfortably connect with the Lumity hearing aids. You can also stream through the TV connector accessory.


Lumity has lithium-ion batteries that are rechargeable. You can fully charge these batteries in 3 hours and use them for a whole day without running out of power.

At-home Adjustments

You don’t have to visit a hearing clinic to adjust your hearing aids. Instead, a hearing expert can make these adjustments remotely through the myPhonak app.

Moisture Protection

Lumity hearing aids have a high IP68 rating that protects them against water and moisture.


The hearing aids have an optional Roger remote microphone that enables direct streaming from the remote microphone to the hearing aids over distance.

Phonak Hearing Aids Technology

Phonak uses AutoSense OS 5.0 technology. This technology has an Artificial Intelligence feature that promotes better hearing even when noise is in the background.

Smartphone App

You can download the myPhonak app and enjoy perks like remote professional hearing care and support services. You can also get a Phonak hearing aids manual through the app.

Get Your Lumity Phonak Hearing Aids from Bravo Hearing

The Audéo Lumity hearing aids are indeed worth your investment. At Bravo Hearing, you can get these and other hearing products that make managing hearing loss much easier. Contact Bravo Hearing Center or book an appointment with our experts for professional help.

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